My Secret Fantasy .

Will Elliot Green turn her new love in? Or is she bewitched with love that she will start a new life with a murderer?
Elliot is afraid after the murder in her hometown, but when she sets eyes on the most wanted man, will she tell the police or try and prove he is innocent?.

UPDATE . This story will only be continued if enough people request it


2. Unfortunate meetings.

I woke up with April purring loudly on my lap. I'm not a very deep sleeper so any little noise would usually wake me up. I squinted around the room. You could hear the birds tweeting outside to the early dawn as the sun shone in through the white nets in the living room.. I stroked April behind her soft,black ears and sighed. It was Tuesday. April looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes. It looked like she was smiling.

"Morning" I said as she stretched and pounced off my lap and on to the floor. She quickly ran towards the patio doors and sat down.

"You still want to go out?"I asked. She meowed sweetly like she understood what I was asking. I got up and walked towards the door, turning the key and opening the door. She bolted out of the door and down the garden path. She must have really needed to go to the toilet. I thought, not forgetting how weirdly she was acting last night. I shut the door and made my way to the kitchen. I walked over to the sink and picked up a glass from the draining board, turned the tap on and poured myself a cold glass of water. I sipped the cold water as it refreshed me. I rested the glass back on the draining board. Suddenly there came a flash of lightning. The whole kitchen flashed as I stood next to the sink. I jumped back startled. My heart thumped through my chest a little. I made my way back to the living room and noticed a shadow by the back door. It was a little shadow just at the bottom of the patio doors. I walked over and opened the nets. I noticed a  wet April and a ginger cat both getting soaked in the rain. I opened the door and let the both of them in and locked the patio door and putting the nets back in to place. The 2 cats made their way to the fire place and cuddled together on the rug. I noticed the ginger cat was Annabelle's. It didn't have a home now that she wasn't with us anymore. And It couldn't get in to the house now that the police were buzzing around it like flies. So i decided to keep him. Besides, April had taken a big liking to him months ago when Annabelle had brought him home for the first time from a cat sanctuary. I walked over to the fire and light it for them both and sat down on my armchair. I picked up the remote and turned the TV on to the news channel.

"Hello Im Isabelle with you top story this evening. Annabelle Rose was found dead in her bungalow in Mountain Falls this evening. Police are still on the look out for the killer but have not found any trace. Annabelle Rose was just 23 before she was killed. Its been said she was asleep in her bed until the killer broke in to her home and attacked her in her bed. The killer hasn't been named yet and is still on the loose, if you have any information please call the-_" The TV cut out. Must have been a power cut. I looked around the room as the thunder sounded closer and the lightning striking so close the room lighting up. The cats didn't move off the rug as the fire began to dry their fur. The room was dark as the clouds began to cover the small village of Mountain Falls. It felt late but It was only 11:00am. I scurried to the kitchen and pulled out some candles from under neath the sink and began to light them and place them around the house.

"There"  I said to myself as I placed the last candle in the living room next to the bookcase. It finally felt cosy and safe.

"Well I wont be going anywhere today" I said to the small bundles of fur lying next to the fire. I played with my hair as I listened to the raindrops crashing on the windows around the house. It was peaceful knowing I was safe in my house. But I couldn't stop thinking about poor Annabelle. Who would have done such a thing? I say there with my mind reeling with all these thoughts. I rubbed my forehead. This happened in my own hometown, a house away!. Suddenly there was a knock on my door. I jumped back in my chair. Who on God's earth was that? Must have been another officer asking for information. I stood up and walked towards the door. I gently opened it. What I saw made my heart beat faster and faster in my chest. There was a standing on my porch dripping wet and covered in mud. He had some sort of scratches on hsi arm. He had brown hair that was no sticking to his wet face. he had the most beautiful blue eyes.

"C..can , you . . help me?" He asked. His shirt and jeans were torn. 

"Whats happened !" I asked shocked.

"My , car broke down" He shivered. I didn't know who this man was but for some reason I felt sorry for him. It wasn't as If he was a murderer right? It looked like he had car trouble. He just looked like a cute young man looking for help. So I invited him in.

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