My Secret Fantasy .

Will Elliot Green turn her new love in? Or is she bewitched with love that she will start a new life with a murderer?
Elliot is afraid after the murder in her hometown, but when she sets eyes on the most wanted man, will she tell the police or try and prove he is innocent?.

UPDATE . This story will only be continued if enough people request it


1. Time to ourselves.


I gaze up at the clock that is hung above my fireplace with the brown logs burning gently underneath.I am sat in my black arm chair holding a book that my late grandmother had given me ,"Black Beauty".A classical novel that I could never get old of.I looked down at the rug that is laying next to the fire."April",my black Persian cat , is blended in to the rug ,breathing quietly as the warmth of the fire warms her.My eyes start to close.It has been a long day and the fire's warmth isn't helping.I shut my eyes for a few seconds, listening to the fire crackling away in front of me.Its only 10:30pm and my body is deeply relaxed.I breathe in deeply and feel my body slowly feeling lifeless, and I fall asleep.   I wake up to a heavy object on my lap.My eyes shoot open and I look down to see April , gazing at me with her luminous green eyes.She purrs slightly and I pet her head.I take another glance at the clock.  

"Its 3:15!"I say to myself,It had only felt like I had been sleeping for ten minutes.I better get to bed.As I stand up April pounces off my lap and sits next to my feet ,knowing that its bed time.I stretch and make my way sleepily to my bedroom.I open the bedroom door and yawn as I look sleepily at my bed.Im already dressed in my nightwear , so I walk slowly over to the bedside table,switch the lamp on and climb in to bed , leaving the bedroom door ajar for April.As I snuggle down in to my cosy bed ,April comes in and makes herself comfortable at my feet and purrs loudly .I reach to my right side and switch off the light.As I get comfy and my head hits the pillow there comes a massive knock on my front door.Living in a bungalow wasn't really a good idea.You hear everything.Cars,school children,drunks and cats scrapping outside.I sit bolt right  in bed,heart pounding.   Who on earth can that be?Its really late and I have no business with anyone  at this time of the morning.I hear rustling from the bush outside my bedroom window but choose to ignore it.After all it could just be a fox running away from whoever is at the door.I walk slowly down the hallway to my front door.The knocking on the door is now louder.I jump , not expecting who ever is knocking to knock again.As I stand behind the front door I pear through the peep hole and see an elderly man and woman dressed in uniform.They have concerned looks on their faces.I quickly open the door.  

"Hello ma,am ,are you the owner of this property?"The man asks.He has greyish hair and grey stubble.I couldn't really tell his eye colour as it was to dark  

"Why ,uh yes"I stutter.I have all sorts of thoughts reeling through my head.I have no idea why there are two police officers at my door.  

"There has been an incident Miss Green"Says the young lady ,her blonde hair coming just above her eyebrows, Her hat perfectly sitting on her head.My eyes widen.   Mom? Dad? I hope its not the family.I struggle to swallow.  

"Is everything ok ?" I manage to say.  The blonde shook her head.

"No Miss Green, unfortunately not.Your neighbour , Annabelle Rose has been found dead within the hour and we have been unable to find any trace of the murderer."Said the blonde with a face showing dissapointment.I look at them both, my mouth wide open, I cant believe it. And I had even slept through all of it.   "We are sorry Miss Green ,we are informing everyone in the neighbourhood" Said the elderly officer. They both nod and set off on their way. I shut the front door quickly, trying to take in what's been said. Annabelle was over my house this morning asking to borrow some sugar. She was the same age as me, 23. She lived on her own and attended the university just blocks away. I knew of her but I didn't know her that well. I rubbed my eyes as I made my way down the hallway back to my room where April was sat peering out the window very suspiciously.

  "Come to bed April" I ordered as I sat on the end of my bed. I combed my hand through my hair, trying to take in what news I had just received. April still was sat on the window sill peering out of the window. I was so tired but I couldn't sleep. I was afraid and had to many thought dancing around my head about who could do that to such a beautiful and young girl. It couldn't have been her boyfriend could it? Revenge? A family member?. I got up off of the bed and put my dressing gown on that was hanging on a hook next to the mirror in my bedroom. I caught a glimpse of April still glaring out of the window.

"April!" I shouted. She turned to look at me and jumped off of the window sill and made her way out of the bedroom. I sighed and followed her out. I made may way to the living room, switched the light on and sat back in my chair. I glared at the fire that had disintegrated when I had fallen asleep earlier. April was now sat by the living room patio doors trying to look out. I rolled my eyes. She must have seen a mouse or bird. I ignored her. I didn't want her going out this late and bringing back mice and it was cold and had started to rain. I picked up by book that I had put on the chester draws next to me. I turned to the page that I had put a bookmark in and began to read again.


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