The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


14. Where is my partner?

I woke up early for school. I went down. 

"Elizabeth why are you soon so awake?" asked my mom

"I have classes today" I replied

"why?" my mom asked

"our principal told us we should finish our requirements or projects" I said

"what project are you working on?" my mom asked

"science project, mood test" I replied

"whose your partner, if you have one" my mom said

This is a partner or group project. Elaine was my partner but she was doing another project with a girl. So I don't mind asking Peter.

"Peter, I guess" I said

Then I continued eating. When I was done. I went up. I took a bath. Changed my clothes. I was done I went down and got my materials for the project. My dad dove me to school. Peter was there waving at me. I went with him

"can you be my partner in my science project?" I asked

"yah" he said

"so what is it?" he asked

"mood test or identifier" I replied

"so about the kiss yesterday" he said

We went in the classroom and work on our projects. He did all the wiring. I do all the brain work. Few minutes later or rather hours. We were done

"okay let's test this thing" he said

"you sit their and stare at the screen" I said

"okay sounds easy" he said

I operated it. Then a teacher came. She was my science teacher. 

"nice job Peter and Elizabeth" She said

"thanks" I said

"So are you done with  it?" She asked

"yah" I said

So Peter's mood is in love.

oh no in love, with who Me?someone? I immediately changed it to happy. 

"I am impressed with you two. Peter's mood is happy, you both get A-" She said

"Elizabeth I thought your partner was Elaine?" She asked

"oh she is with another partner" I said

"okay then" she said

She took our mood test or identifier

The teacher left. Me and Peter left the classroom and went somewhere else quiet. We were walking to the gym. No one was there in the gym. Just us we went to the swimming pool.

"so what's my mood" Peter asked

"in love" I replied

"but it says happy like what teacher said" said Peter

"I changed it" I said

"so it's true I am in love with- " he paused

"who?" I asked

"you" he said

"you didn't answer my question the other day. Are you or not?" I asked

"I am I mean I like you" he said

"as a friend?" I asked

"no the crush thing" he said

Then he hold my hand and held it to his chest or heart. I hear it beating like he is really in love with me. Then I let go of his hand. I sighed and removed my sandals. I placed my feet into the water. While Peter just sit down. Peter immediately said this

"do you like me?" He asked

"uum I can't tell. I don't know" I said

" oh okay" he said sadly as if he was expecting me to say yes.

I leaned on him on his shoulder. Few moments I put my head up. 

"it's late" I said

"okay" Peter said sadly

"why are you so sad" I said

" nothing, it's just I can't take it" he said

He hold my hand. I also did. 

"fine " I said then smiled

I kissed him on the cheek not the lips since we are not boyfriend and girlfriend. He let go. Then looked at me. 

"bye" he said

"no you go with me and accompany me" I said

I put on back my sandals. Peter was the first to stand up. Then he gave me his 

"okay" I said

hand. He helped me stand. Then I slipped but Peter catch me. 

"thanks" I said

on my way Peter put his arm around me. I didn't mind.

I arrive at my house. Ate my lunch. I watched TV all day. Since I am allowed. It was night time I went to bed early. It was peaceful in my room no shadows and other creepy stuff.

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