The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


3. silver bracelet

I woke up holding the bracelet. I remembered me examining the silver bracelet. I called Elaine if she wants to come to the fortune teller with me, and she said yes. I ate my breakfast it was cake. I wondered why there is cake. My parents bought it and they greeted me  'Happy Birthday'

"I forgot it's my birthday" I said

my parents laughed and said "what do you want for your birthday?"

"anything, I just want to go out with Elaine" I said

"okay ,we are allowing you" said my dad

"first eat your breakfast" said mom

"okay" I said

When I finished eating my breakfast my parents asked if I liked the cake

I said "Yes it was very delicious. Mom, can I go out with Elaine"

"yes, but change your clothes first" said mom

I nodded and went up to change my clothes. I went down. 

I waited outside the house, after few minutes Elaine was here.

"Happy Birthday" said Elaine

I smiled at her

"should we go already at the fortune teller" I said

"yes, but why should we go there?" Elaine asked

"I have a feeling that mama Udie has a clue about this sliver bracelet. I couldn't sleep last night maybe it's the plan of the spirit" I said 

we walked, and then we saw the house of the fortune teller we knocked and it opened we saw mama Udie sitting and she is just sweeping the crystal ball that I broke

"come in" said mama Udie

"do you know this silver bracelet?" I asked

"yes, my friend created it and I placed a protection who ever wears it, where did you get it?" said mama Udie

"my dad found it on top of a tree" I said

"as you see she passed away, her name is mudura lomero" said mama Udie

"yes it says on the tag" I said  

I showed the tag to her and she just smiled

"can you still do anything to remove the curse" I asked

"I am not sure, but that bracelet will protect you" replied mama Udie

"okay" I replied

"we will go already" I said

"okay" she said

"thanks again" I said

Elaine and me left the house of the fortune teller

"so want to go somewhere else or do anything?" I asked

"no" Elaine replied

"bye I will go home now" I said

"bye" said Elaine 

when I arrived home I saw my mom and dad smiling at me they were holding gifts they said

"Happy Birthday"

"thanks" I said

they hand me the gift

"open it" they said

I opened it and I saw a ring

"thanks again" I said

they smiled

I wore it and went upstairs.

then my dad said "do you want to go to the mall, Elizabeth"

"yes" I said

I changed my clothes and I went down, but I fell in a few steps. I went in the car with my mom and dad. We arrived at the mall.

"what do you want, Elizabeth" said my dad

"bags, and I just have to go to pee" I replied

"okay" said my dad

I went in the CR and peed. When I flushed, the toilet my special silver bracelet slipped. Then I placed my head in the toilet and dance like a maniac. Then I found myself lying on a bed.

"where am I?" I asked

"mental hospital" said my dad

"what happend?" I asked

"you wrestled 3 moms, stab 17 people and killed 1 person" mom said

"am I cured" I asked

"yes they cured you, the doctor died" dad said

I tried to remove the ring but it won't. I gave them a sad look.

"can we go home now?" I asked

"yes" dad said

we went home, and I told my parents I would skip dinner because I was tired, so I slept with my ring.I had a dream.

I was with Elaine in the fortune teller's house

"what happend this time" said mama Udie

"there is something with that ring" Elaine replied

I showed her that ring

"yes, the smoke spirit is in that ring. It transfered to a person but the person died so the smoke spirit went back to the Elizabeth. The smoke spirit can control mortals like your friend Elizabeth, except it can't control immortals. As you she has a special power, it is telling the future. Where is her special silver bracelet?"

"I am not sure, but you can ask her" said Elaine

"don't tell her that might bring her more crazy" said mama Udie

"okay" said Elaine

"can't you cure it" asked Elaine

"maybe." mama Udie replied 

and my dream starts fading








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