The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


16. Shadows everywhere

I woke up. Checked my alarm clock. It was early 11:55 pm. I looked around and saw the shadow staring at me in horror. I got so frightened I shouted. Then I looked at my left the shadow staring at me in horror like in horror movies. It's eyes were so big. Then I looked at my right it was the shadow again. I was so scared I would faint. I looked up and saw the shadow trying to eat me with it's sharp teeth. 

Then I woke up. It was just a dream. I was so relief. It was so early 12:00. I heard my cellphone ringing. It is very old I don't use it that much. Someone was calling me. I answered it. 

"hello" I said

"hi Elizabeth" the person said

"who is this?" I asked

"Peter" Peter said

what do you want" I said harshly

"have you seen shadows in your room?" he asked

"yah" I said

"how did you know my number?" I asked

"Fidess and Justine" He said

"oh, so" I said

"oh nothing I called you just to ask if you have seen any shadows freakin' you out. I was just worried about you." Peter said

"no need to be worried I have Fidess and Justine" I said

"yah okay" he said

"bye" I said

I put the phone down. I thought of something. Peter really likes me. Should I like him back. Will my mom and dad be happy or angry. I don't know.

I saw the shadow trying to attack me I duck or cover myself with the pillow. But like a force field that covered me. It was Justine and Fidess. But Justine was wearing a emerald green cloak. Not the other one while Fidess was wearing the same cloak

"get away" said Justine

"are you okay?" asked Fidess

"yah, you can't just barge in my house" I said

"oh sorry mama Udie told us that something bad will happen to you that's why we came" Justine said

"we work for her like we are wizards with powers but without wands" Justine said

"cool" I replied

"so be safe" said Fidess

"I will" I said

They disappeared by that spell they use. I slept without that shadow.






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