The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


6. preparation

I gasped. I left the house of mama Udie. I went alone to my house. When I entered I saw my mom cooking french fries

"oh, hi Elizabeth  your just in time I cooked you french fries" My mom said happily

"I will eat later after I change my clothes" I replied

I went up and change my clothes for fighting. But not like those armor people usually wear in battles. I realize I don't have any weapons like bow and arrow, sword, dagger. Even a slingshot can help me. I wore rubber shoes, shirt with my protective jacket and pants with my watch and ring. I brought my extra money with me in case if I can buy any weapon that I can find. Which seems so impossible. I hid the money into my pocket. I went down ate the fries so that I can regain my strength for fighting. I asked

"mom can I go somewhere else?"

"okay be safe" She replied

"I will" I said

I was done eating. I went out of the house.

"bye" I said

"bye Elizabeth, be safe" She replied

"I will" I said

Then I smiled at her. I went outside the house. I roam around the block to see if I can see any store with weapons. All I can see is pebbles on the ground. I didn't get it because I have to think first.

I thought of something like the weakness of the smoke spirit. But it seems the smoke spirit has no weakness. Even if I threw a pebble probably it won't affect the smoke spirit. Maybe it's like smoke, when you throw something at it it will just go through. I shouldn't lose this battle. But what is the weakness? All I can do right now is kill myself or get angry, mad. But I couldn't lose hope. So I pick the pebbles. When I touch the pebble it seemed or feels rough. I got a least five.

I went one more time to mama Udie's house. I opened the door. I saw her drinking water. I gasped. 

"oh my gosh you are alive" I said

"yes I am " She replied

She and I smiled.

"So you have a battle with the smoke spirit" She said

"yah" I said

"you know you should pony your blonde hair." She said

"oh okay, may I use you CR" I said

"sure" she said

I went to the CR. I pony my blonde hair. After that something went to my mind like a thought but it wasn't me it was some else. Like trying to control me.

I await you Elizabeth.

"stop it" I went crazy like screaming like a maniac

I saw smoke around the CR.

"get away" mama Udie said

She sprinkled yellowish, gold powder into the smoke spirit. Then the smoke spirit went away into the CR.

"is the smoke spirit gone?" I asked

"yes in the CR, but waiting for you in the garbage dump" She said

"how did you know?" I asked

"let's go first to my potion room and I will explain everything" she said

We went to the potion room. I was amazed. 

"see the smoke spirit went to my house, I was looking after you in the crystal ball. Then he just barge in and asked me where is she which is you. I couldn't tell him because it will cause you be in trouble. So he had no choice but to paralyze me for 30 minutes" she said

"oh! You look younger like 18 years old" I said

"yes the effect of the paralyze potion made me look younger even though I didn't want to" she said

Mama Udie's hair is auburn put into a braid. Her outfit is even nice and wow. 

"what will I use to attack the smoke spirit?" I asked

"potions" She said

"not weapons like bow and arrow, dagger, knife, sword, spear?" I asked

"no it has no effect on it" She said

"so I won't be needing this" I said

I accidentally place it on the bowl with potions.

"oh my gosh!" I said 

"Is it alive?" mama Udie said

She peeked down the bowl. So I did.

" finally the last ingredient!" she said

"what is it" I said

"pebble of hope" She said

"oh I got that pebble" I said

"yes exactly" she said 

"what will it do" I asked

"turn it to a shadow" She replied

"what will I have to do?" I asked

"pour it to the smoke spirit at 4:00pm" she said 

I looked at my watch it is 3:25 pm.

"I still have time, so what will I do just pour it?" I said

"yes you can pour clean pure water" she said

"thanks" I said

She hand me a shoulder bag and place the potion in with the clean, pure water. 

"bye" I said

"bye good luck, hope you win" she replied

I went out the house and went to the garbage dump. I gasped. I saw a gigantic black smoke. It was the smoke spirit.








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