The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


17. New dog

I woke up early for school. I went down and ate. After that I went up and took a bath. Then I changed my clothes. I wore  my school. I was wondering why just we have uniform in my school. My school is kind a different. Other schools also wear casual but not uniform.

I got my backpack. Went down

"Elizabeth, honey do you like Peter?" my mom asked

"umm maybe" I replied

My dad was going down in his working outfit. Then he said

"yah Elizabeth it's okay if you have a little relationship with that guy" said my dad

"we just want you to be happy" said my mom

"okay" I said

I kissed my mom and dad goodbye. The bus was there. I went in I saw Elaine. She just looked at me

"sorry I was not trying to invade your party I just wanted to talk to you"I said to Elaine

she just gave me a sad smile. I sat near Peter. 

"hi" I said

"hey pretty" he said

I laughed

"stop it you don't want people knowing our relationship" I whispered

"relationship?" he replied softly. He was confused

"um you don't want" I whispered

Peter was turning red. Good thing we were at the back people wouldn't see us. Peter had many friends. But he rather hangout with me. 

I hold his hand. His hand was very warm. He was about to kiss me but I placed my hand on his lips. 

When we arrived at school I went alone to my classroom. I was very early but Peter would spend his time talking to his friends that are boys. I waited for the teacher and class for minutes..... Teacher was there there was discussion and many many more...... When school was over Peter accompanied me to my house. We walked. We were holding hands since we are in a relationship.

Me and Peter hardly doesn't show our affection. When I arrived at the house. I saw my dad there also my mom. 

"hi Peter come in, I already told your dad you can stay in out house and have some fun" said my dad 

"thank you sir" Peter said

Peter sat on the couch. I heard a dog barking. 

"what's that?" I asked

"your new friend" said my mom

the dog it's so cute. It is hairy. It's a shit zu

"what will you name it?" asked my mom

"cherry, can I bring it up" I said

"yes" said my dad

I called Peter and brought my dog up to my room. I played with my dog for few minutes the brought it down stairs. I went up and washed my hands in the bathroom. Peter and me just talked. Then we stared at each other

"you know it's weird you haven't kissed me" he said

"I did on your cheek" I said

"no I meant my lips" he said

Then I laughed

"why do you keep laughing at me when I become that romantic" he said

I was still laughing.

"no nothing" I said

He just ignored me

"oh sorry" I said 

I put my hand on his shoulder. And placed my hand this time on his face. He let go.

"I know I was just kidding" he said

He came closer to me so did I also. We both came closer then he kissed me on the lips after few seconds I let go. 

"don't you want" he said

I kissed him this time a little longer. We both turned so red like tomatoes.

"is that fine already" I asked

"yah, you are so red" He replied

"you to" I said

"want to do it again" he said

"no enough for today" I said

We both laughed. He helped get up, like romantic guys do when they stand up first. Then I slipped also him. I fell on him

"ouch" he said 

"sorry" I replied

"It's still painful" He said

then I stand up and helped him. I kissed him on the cheek.

"feel better" I said

"yah" He said

Then I heard knocking. I opened it was my dog in the cute puppy eye

"bye Peter" I said 

"Bye" he said

He kissed me on the cheek. I blushed

He went out. I saw the dog's collar I have seen it a while ago. The design looks similar. I must bring it to mama Udie tomorrow. I slept it was already night time.



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