The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


8. mystery between two girls

We saw Fidess and Justine again with umbrellas.

"Hi!" Fidess and Justine said

"hi" Elaine and I said

"you guys look dirty" Fidess said

"where have you been?" asked Justine

"somewhere" said Elaine

"you can go to my house" said Fidess

"why?" Elaine asked

"you don't want your parents to see you that dirty" said Justine

"oh yeah" I replied

"oh look at you, come with us under our umbrella you guys are so wet" Justine said

Me and Elaine went with them under their umbrellas. When we arrived at Fidess house we said

"good afternoon"

Then they replied 

"good afternoon Elaine and Elizabeth, what happen to you girls. You are very dirty. Fidess can lend her clothes to you."

"thank you" Elaine and I said

We went upstairs to the room of Fidess. Her room was nice full of Hunger Games posters, books and many more other items.

"wow your room is full of Hunger Games" I said 

"Of course me and Justine loves Hunger games" Said Fidess

"oh yeah" replied Elaine

Fidess opened her closet and got me a new shirt. I tried to fit the shirt. It perfectly fits me. Then Fidess gave Elaine a black shirt that fitted Elaine perfectly.

"thank you" said me and Elaine

Fidess smiled.

"do we need to return these shirts?" I asked

"no need" Fidess said

"come on you fit those shirts that Fidess gave you" Justine said

"where is the CR" I asked

"There near that door" said Fidess

I went there. After I changed my shirt I saw Elaine just placed the shirt on top of her dirty shirt. I was holding my dirty shirt.

"you were very helpful to us" said Elizabeth

"yah" Fidess said 

"thanks again" said Elaine

Fidess wore a dark red velvet cloak. Fidess gave Justine a black cloak. They both wore it and said

"you ready?" asked Fidess

"yah" said Justine

"bye" said Justine and Fidess

They both put on their hood and touch their cloak like what vampires do. And they suddenly disappeared.

Elaine and me gasped.

"where are they?" Elizabeth asked

"they disappeared" I replied

"let's go home" I said

"okay" she replied

We went home. It wasn't raining anymore. When I arrived at my house. It was dinner. 

"where did you get that new shirt" my mom asked

"I bought it with my money" I lied 

"oh it fits you perfectly" Said my mom

I smiled. Went up my room and took a shower. I took a long shower beacuse I was so dirty. I changed my clothes. I did my assignments. I have to skip dinner because I have a lot of things to do or think. When I am done with everything. I saw a shadow on my room. It's not mine it's someone's else. It looks the same the one I saw in the garbage dump. I slept alone in my bed.





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