The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


13. I wasn't invited

I woke  up it was Elaine's birthday. It was Friday. I wonder where will she celebrate. And if she will invite me. Will she invite me? She isn't talking to me. Anyway I went down. Ate my breakfast. I went up and took a bath. I wore my clothes for school.  I went down and kissed my mom goodbye. The bus was there. When I came in. People were saying happy birthday to Elaine.  I said
"happy birthday"
she just smiled. She gave invitations to her friends in the bus. But Elaine didn't give me . I just didn't talk to he ever since the battle. It was oddly weird. Me and Elaine weren't close that much. The girl in the bus she actually was the girl that Elaine hanged out . She told me excitedly
"hi Elaine is inviting me to Splash world"
then she sat next to me. And keeps boasting . Which made me kind a jealous.
When I arrived at school. I immediately went to my classroom. The teachers discuss and discuss....
When almost end of school the speakers played music it means there is something.
" Good morning Augustinians, Please attend classes tomorrow to finish your required tasks or projects. 
When school was over Peter called me. So he went with me in walking.
"so it's Elaine's Birthday" he said
"yah" I said sadly
"Oh she didn't invite you" He said
"yah" I said
"why, people say you guys have been best friends" he said
"yah I don't know what happen, that she is like this" I said
"you go to Splash world" He said 
"can't she didn't invite me" I said 
then Fidess and Justine appeared without their cloaks. They were wearing the normal clothes
"hi" Fidess said
"hi who are you?" Said Peter
"we are her friends" Justine said
"oh" Peter said
"Elizabeth we have to talk first" Justine said
"okay sounds cool" I said
"Elizabeth what happen why didn't Elaine invite you" Fidess asked
" I don't know" I said
Justine gave me a sad look. 
"come on Fidess help her" Justine said
"how?" Fidess said
" I don't know, ask her parents" Justine said
"never mind, mama Udie's crystal ball says, right?" Fidess said
"sshhhh, shut up you don't want her making it worse" Justine said
"it is worse already" Justine said softly
"oh yeah " Fidess said
"okay, I don't understand" I said
"never mind, the time will come" said Justine
"go and try to greet her, maybe telephone or cellphone" Said Fidess
"okay" I said
Me and Peter went to my house. When I went in
"Good afternoon" said Peter
"Mom can Peter come in" I ask
"sure" my mom said
I got the telephone and dialed her number.
"hello good afternoon may I speak to Elaine" I said
"She is not here" the girl said
"oh okay" I said
"did it work?" asked Peter
"no, she is in splash world" I said sadly
then he gave me a big hug and said
"it's okay"
"thanks " I said and I let go
"bye" I said
He left the house. I went up stairs to my room. Fidess and Justine appeared in there magical cloaks. 
"okay here is the plan" said Fidess
"what do you mean plan" I said
"were bringing you to splash world" Said Justine
"what" I said
"we are reuniting you and Elaine" Justine said
"wait what no" I said
"don't you want to be friends" Fidess said
"but I don't have the invitation, disguise what if she sees me and you'll make things worst" I replied
"no we'll handle everything" Justine said
"here borrow this wig" Fidess got it from her cloak and gave it to me
I wore it
"here wear this baiting suit and place this dress over it" Fidess said 
I went to the CR and removed my clothes. I put on my baiting suit and my dress.  The dress was dark blue similar to midnight blue but darker, it is V neck it was kind a loose on me. I went out of the CR. The wig was colored dark brown
"you look pretty" Justine said
"thanks" I replied
"here I forgot here are your slippers" Fidess said
The slippers are kind a high with heels. 
"OMG Elizabeth you look fabulous" said Fidess
"thanks to you guys" She said
"okay just hang on, Fidess and me will create a portal" Said Justine
Fidess and Justine was saying some magic words that I don't even understand. I saw the portal there.
"come" said Fidess
I came to the portal so did Fidess and Justine. We appeared outside of Splash world. 
"you go in the splash world-" Justine said
"what if the guard knows I have no invitation" I said quickly
"no he won't Elaine will recognize you as her friend because your disguised and let you come in" Fidess said
"okay" I said
I went in but the guard stop me
"invitations" he said
Then Elaine came saw me.
"oh hi Anna, guard let her in I know her" said Elaine
I went inside and saw many large pools. I loved swimming but I can't because my wig might fall. I just roam around. I saw the girl it's Anna same hair and maybe outfit. I hear Elaine talking to Anna what if she knew it's me. I went some place far from both of them. I hear voices saying my name it was Fidess and Justine. In their magical cloaks.
"So did it work?" asked Fidess
"no, and Elaine thought I was Anna" I said
"brilliant" Justine said
"no it's not because that Anna girl is here" I said 
"ooh" Fidess said
"just try talking to her" Justine said
"okay if she's far away from that Anna girl" I said
"yah, okay" said Fidess
I went and talked with Elaine.
"so why aren't you hanging out with Elizabeth?" I asked
"she's hanging out with this guy named Peter" Said Elaine sadly with jealousy
"ohh" I said
Anna was coming I must leave. But she was walking to fast. I wasn't able to escape.
I was running so fast that my wig fell and my blonde hair was showing
"hey there are two Anna here" Said Elaine 
with some pause people suddenly gasped and stopped playing the music. 
"it's you Elizabeth! You are trying to invade this party huh" She said with tears dripping from her face
she was crying and she was running
"it's you fault" said the real Anna
then Anna try to catch her arm
"don't" I said quickly
"but" Anna said
"give her time" I said
Then I went out of the pools and Splash world. I saw Fidess and Justine in ordinary clothes without their cloaks
"so did it work? " asked Fidess
"no" I said sad with some anger
"I am sorry" Justine said
"we were trying to make you fell better" said Fidess
"it's okay" I said
"bye someone is looking for you" Said Justine
they immediately placed some orange powder below them and began to disappear.
I saw Peter trying to climb the electric fence
"what are you doing" I asked
"I am-- oh Elizabeth hi" He said
"hi why are you here?" I asked
"I was looking for you" He said 
I blushed.
"and Elizabeth you look so wow" He said
"oh okay" I said
"can I say that word" he said
"oh yah it's hot you look smokin' hot" He said
"stop it" I said laughing and turning red
"how did you come in" he asked staring at me
"oh disguise" I said
"oh that's why your hot" he said
"stop it" I said laughing
"Elaine cried" I said
"why?" he asked
"she found I was here in her party, my wig fell. Probably she was thinking that I would invade it" I said
"ohh I thought because that she was jealous that you're hot or beautiful" He said
"your telling the truth?" I asked
"yah look at yourself you look amazing or rather call it hot" He replied
we both laughed. It was late afternoon. I walked with Peter. I arrived at my house already
"bye" I said
My mom immediately opened the door. 
"Peter don't go yet, go talk with Elizabeth" my mom said
then my mom winked at me. The door was left open I was inside talking with my mom
"where did you go?" My mom asked
"Elaine's party" I said
I went out and closed the door.
"so bye I guess" he said
then he was about to leave but then I said
"stop wait for a minute" I said
"why?" He asked
"do you like me or have a crush on me?" I asked
he just turned red. Then I said 
"won't tell me huh"  
I kissed him on the cheek. I suddenly said
"so what?"
"umm you know it's obvious" he said
"that you like me" I said 
"yah" he replied 
then I went in my house. I went up to my room. And slept
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