The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


11. Family day

I woke up. It is Thursday almost end of the week. I went down and ate. Then went up and take a bath. Got my clothes and changed. I went down and kissed my mom goodbye. This time Elaine wasn't there. The bus was there I saw the guy sitting alone but Elaine sat with another girl. So I sat near Peter.
"hi" he said
"hi" I replied
All we did is talk. Oh no I forgot it is family day.
"so will your parents come to family day?" I asked
"yah" He replied
I saw Elaine looking at me as if she was jealous of that guy, Peter.
When I was at school I went to my usual place. In the classroom. I ate with Peter during lunch and snacks. 
After lunch It was family day. My mom came. And the dad of Peter came.
They enjoyed talking to each other. I heard them mumbling like they were saying ' I saw Elizabeth hanging out with Peter' "yah it is kind of them to do that' blah blah many other things. If Justine heard this she would puke. 
"Elizabeth" my mom called me
"what" I said
"Look this is Mr. Mellark. He was my classmate last high school" She said
"hi " I said with a smile
"so me and you mother are planning for maybe a dinner tonight at my place" he said
"okay" I said
"so it's tonight" said my mom
"yah" Mr. Mellark said
"so since your class is almost done. Me and Elizabeth will go to our house change our clothes and probably call Elizabeth's dad" my mom said
"agree" The dad said
I said goodbye to my teacher and Peter. 
Me and my mom were at home. It was still afternoon my mom took her cellphone and called daddy. I went up and wore Ivory short dress, and some earrings, a jacket, sandals. I ponied my blonde hair. I heard the knock of the door. It was my dad. I went down
"you look lovely" said my mom
I smiled, so did my dad say the same thing. My mom was done dressing up. My dad didn't change his clothes. My mom wore a dress with some high heels.
"Let's go" said my dad excitedly



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