The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


19. Elaine's new friend

I woke up for school and went down and ate. I went up and took a bath. I changed my clothes. I went down with my backpack the bus was there. I said goodbye to my dog and mom. I went in the school bus. I saw a new girl. Elaine was talking with her. I sat near Peter. Then he suddenly spoke

"so we are going to the movies later" he said

"yah first date" I said

"very excited" he said

"okay" I said

then I started to laugh. When I was in school. I went to my classroom. Few moments the teacher was there.

"class there is a new student" Teacher said

"hi" the class said to the girl

There was discussion and new lessons. I keep seeing the new girl and Elaine together. They keep talking. The new girl is so friendly she keeps smiling at me and saying hi.

Peter walked home alone. I went to my house. I went up and got changed. I wore ballet flats, black pants, a normal shirt. I went down. I saw Peter. I went down and walked with Peter to the movies. When we arrived we watched the movie Hunger Games. Many people were there. I saw Fidess and Justine they wore the ordinary clothes they didn't wear cloaks. They were holding popcorn. I thought 

why are you here?

then the have this magical powers that their thoughts can come to my mind. As if they knew what I am thinking. They replied

 we are here to watch. Who wouldn't want to miss it

Then when the movie was about to start. Fidess and Justine was sitting at the back. I also saw Elaine with the new girl.

"I forgot my jacket it is so cold" I said sadly

He is so sweet he lend me his jacket. I wore it. Then the movie was starting. At the middle of the movie Peter slowly put his arm around me. When he was done I leaned my head on his shoulder.

When the movie was done. We waited few seconds. Then we left. I removed his arm from around me. Instead we were holding hands. When we left the movies.  I saw Elaine with the new girl. Elaine keeps looking at me. When I arrived at my house I said bye to Peter. I went up and changed my clothes. The I slept

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