The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


21. Elaine is captured

Mama Udie gasped in horror. Elaine immediately ran to the necklace near the crystal ball

"wow what's this" Elaine said

"no don't" said mama Udie quickly 

Elaine had touched already the necklace. I saw the shadow grabbed her and opened a portal pushed her to the portal. The necklace was gone also Elaine.

"NO! Elaine" I said

"we must save her" I added

"I can't I don't know the portal" she said

I thought of something. I did something to call Fidess and Justine. They arrived here. They were wearing their cloaks.

"Justine, Fidess I need your help" I said

"okay" Justine said

"what do you need?" Fidess asked 

"portal" I said quickly

"goodness gracious Fidess and Justine you know the portal spell" Mama Udie said amazingly

"yah we didn't tell you" Justine said

"to the potion room" mama Udie said

we immediately went to the potion room. She grabbed the extra stones I got. Mixed the potion. Placed it in a container. 

Fidess and Justine were saying  aperire portale

"it's alive" said Fidess

"guys come in" said Justine

Me, Fidess, Justine and mama Udie went to the portal But before I could come in to the portal. I heard a bark

"hi cherry" I said

"you guard the house" said mama Udie

The dog just barked.

I went in. I saw how badly the kingdom of the shadow is. I saw many shadows. while Fidess and Justine keeps saying something to the shadow: secreta . Then they heard a deep voice 

get away from Elaine

"there" said mama Udie

We followed her. I saw Elaine. Justine and Fidess said aboleo.The shadow screamed loudly. As if it was tortured. Fidess and Justine were saying some magical words. 

"attack" Mama Udie said 

We all attacked mama Udie keeps placing the potion. While Fidess and Justine keeps saying magical words and spells. This was torturing the shadow. The shadow ordered the other shadows to attack. While I was trying to free Elaine from the chains. 

"Fidess Justine I need a spell for the chains" I said

"rumpo ferratilis" Fidess and Justine said

Elaine was free. We both can do nothing no powers and magic. I heared a pop sound. it was the shadow shrinking but there wee many other shadows. Me and Elaine found two magic wands. 

"Fidess Justine do you guys need wand?" I asked loudly

"yah of course" said Fidess

"no" said mama Udie loudly and harshly

"we know how we know spells" Justine said

"your still in training" mama Udie said

"no trust us we can do it" said Fidess

"fine go then" she said

I threw the wand to Justine and Elaine threw to Fidess. Mama Udie's potion is finished. 

"Elaine where's the necklace?" mama Udie asked

"here" Elaine said

"give it to me quickly" Mama Udie said

She gave it to mama Udie. 

"guys carry me then throw me to the shadow" mama Udie said

"okay" we said

mama Udie placed her foot on Elaine's hand and the other one mine we lifted her   and she went to the neck of the shadow and placed the necklace around the shadow's neck. mama Udie fell. The shadow disappeared. All the other shadows were cheering

but Fidess and Justine said using their wands defluere. All the shadows disappear or faded.

"Finally it's over" said mama Udie

"it's peacefull already" said Fidess

"what time is it?" I asked 

"it's tomorrow" mama Udie said

"what do you mean" I said

"right we arrived here today. Today is tomorrow" mama Udie said

"oh no what if my parents know I am not there" Elaine and I said

"no disguise or fake person, I guess" said mama Udie

"let's go home" Elaine said

Justine and Fidess used their magic wand and said tergum sedis.



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