The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


18. discovery of the dog

I woke up for school. I went down. I ate. I told my mom

"mom Peter and me are in a relationship" 

"really" she said excitedly and happily

"yah" I said

"wanna reserve a date" she said

"mom" I said harshly

"okay about tomorrow afternoon cinema" she said

"fine" I replied

when I was done. I went up and took a bath. Wore my school clothes. I went down and kissed my mom goodbye. I went out. The bus arrived. Peter waived at me. I sat near him. I did nothing so did him. When we arrived at school. I went to the classroom. Teacher was there we studied and discussions...... When school was done I went to my house and took my dog with me. I went to mama Udie. I knocked the door was open. I saw her looking at the crystal ball. 

"hi" I said

"oh hi Elizabeth" she said

"um can you please examine this dog" I said

"this is will protect you I made it" mama Udie said

"don't I have Fidess and Justine" I said

"yah you have" she replied

"why do you have to protect me?" I asked

"you might be troubled" she said

"okay" I said

"anyway that Peter guy will protect you" she said

"okay" I replied

I went back with my dog. When I arrived I carried my dog inside. I went up left my dog down. I did my home works. When I was done I slept.








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