The Curse of the Fortune Teller

Elizabeth has a ordinary life but then it will be extra ordinary because this is an adventure that no one is to forget. Elizabeth is cursed by the spirit. There was a solution. A solution that requires great sacrifice. But then everything will change. Elizabeth finds out her two protectors. She is being followed by the shadow. She knew something bad will happen........


4. cursed ring

I woke up on a Sunday morning. I saw my parents and Elaine worrying.

"Oh my gosh Elizabeth! You're awake" said Elaine

"what happend?" I asked

"me and your father heard noises last night" said my mom

"I saw green light in you room last night, it was everywhere" said Elaine

"you went to my house?" I asked 

"no, of course not I saw the light because it was so bright, and I got scared" replied Elaine

"we saw you panicking like you had nightmares" my dad told me 

"I saw all your neighbors looking at your house" Elaine added

"why don't you eat with us! We are eating bacon for breakfast" I told Elaine

"dear, you look like you haven't eaten for weeks" my mom said loudly to me then they heard the grumble of my empty stomach.

Elaine giggled.

"sure! I will eat here" replied Elaine

"come on kids let's eat" said dad

We went to the dinning room. I ate so many bacon that I burped so loud so did Elaine. Elaine and my parents were staring at me for a long time. It looks like they are so shocked about something in me. I noticed that I was eating the fork. I was so shocked that I swallowed it. I chocked and chocked that I ended up in a car going to the hospital. Elaine came with us. I have to undergo surgery to remove the fork stuck to my pancreas

"mom I don't want to ! I am okay. I am....." I said in a cowardly voice, before I could finish I saw the doctor pull out a huge needle and stabbed it on my body. Suddenly I slept..... When I woke up Elaine said that the fork was removed.

"you slept because they injected you something so you would sleep and not feel the pain during the surgery"

I rest for few minutes and I saw my parents entering the door with food they went to me and said

"you might be hungry"

"yah I am hungry" I replied

I ate and asked Elaine to eat with me. Elaine refused because she heard her mom call her. Elaine waved goodbye to me then left the door.

"will we go to Church? I asked

"maybe, if you feel better?" my mom said

"I feel better" I said

"okay" said my dad

"let's go home first and change our clothes" my mom said

We arrived at the house and went to my room. I changed my clothes and wore a V neck shirt, with a skirt and doll shoes. I brought my ring with me to be blessed. I went to the car with my parents and went to Church. My family attended mass. When it was over....I said

"mom can I go to the priest to bless something?"

"sure we will wait fo you in the car" mom replied

I went to the priest and blessed him.

"what a lovely ring you have dear" the priest said

"thank you sir" I said politely

"you can call me Fr. James" the priest said

I looked at my parents they were waiting outside.

"may I have a look?" he asked

But then I notice he was looking at my ring.

"sure! Help yourself" I said happily

When Fr. James touched it. I saw smoke going in him, then he became crazy and he froze. He looked like he was paralyzed. I ran quickly to the car because I was so scared. My parents asked what happend. I just told them I really wanted to pee. That's why I was in a hurry. I told them to go back home fast because I need to go with Elaine to mama Udie. I needed her to examine the ring. When I reach home I pretended to pee for like one minute and I asked permission to go with Elaine. My parents allowed me and told me to be careful. I brought my key with me. We rode our bikes to mama Udie. I knocked the door but no one answered so I just got the key, but before I could fit it in the knob.

"why do we need to go here?"Elaine asked

"I need mama Udie to examine the ring" I replied

I open the door.

"what brings you here?" mama Udie said

"I don't know. Elizabeth needs you to examine her ring" Elaine said

I told mama Udie and Elaine everything that happend in the church. I showed her the ring. Mama Udie gasped.

"do you still have your bracelet?" mama Udie asked

"no" I replied

"this is bad, this is very bad" said mama Udie in a loud voice

"that is where the smoke spirit lives and whoever wears the ring, the smoke spirit controls and that person turns weird" mama Udie added 

"that explains why I swallowed a fork and killed a priest" I said quietly that no one can hear it.

"I try to remove the ring from my finger but it can't"

"you better watch out Elizabeth, the smoke spirit might control you" mama Udie said

"okay" I replied

"I will try to think of a solution" she said

We told her goodbye and I left with Elaine. We went home.

On my way home I accidentally bumped on two girls. I realize, I recognized them they were my classmates last grade 2. There names were Fidess Bisnar and Justine Lim. Fidess always clips her hair, she likes playing the piano and badminton. Justine likes braiding her hair, and she loves books. She is also a fan of 'Hunger Games'.

"hi" I said to them

"hi I missed you, where have you been! I haven't seen you for years" Justine said

"hey dude! Are you married? Why are you a ring? Fidess said

"my father gave it to me" said Elizabeth. I showed them the ring.

"nice!" Justine answered

"okay. Bye" Fidess said happily

I went to my house. I ate dinner with my parents. But this time I didn't eat the fork. I went up to my room, and think about my dream. I noticed it was true. I slept.









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