My World is With You

A story about 14 year old Elena and her best friend Grace. Elena and Grace have been best friends forever each would do anything for each other but when Elena feelings change for Grace will the friendship survive. Hope you like it have spent my time on it please read it. For the pulling a the gravity competition.


7. Were together wherever we go

4 months Later

I woke up and ran to see Grace sleeping. I glanced at the alarm clock 11 am Grace doesn't sleep this late. I checked Grace pulse and screamed Grace mum came running then looked at me then her from the look on my face she understood that her daughter was dead. I kept crying tears weeping from my eyes I shaked Grace pretending it was when we were 8 year old and she would pretend she was dead I would cry then she would wake up laughing. I looked at her and screamed like crazy Grace mother held me and tried to pull me away.

"She's gone Elena" Grace's mum whispered.

"No she's still here" I shouted.

Grace mum shook her head violently" I know you will miss her she was your best friend" grace mum mumbled.

"She wasn't my best friend she was my world, my ray of sunshine, my heart" I exclaimed running to Grace and holding her.

"She's gone to heaven we have to live without her" Grace mother replied.

"No I can't live without her" I yelled. I took my last breath and slept by her in peace.

Friends Forever

Morale.A best Friend is your ray of sunshine on a rainy day without her life is hell, if your best friend doesn't feel the same way then she is no best friend at all.

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