My World is With You

A story about 14 year old Elena and her best friend Grace. Elena and Grace have been best friends forever each would do anything for each other but when Elena feelings change for Grace will the friendship survive. Hope you like it have spent my time on it please read it. For the pulling a the gravity competition.


2. Risking your Life for Me




Jake hits me painfully I try not to cry and wipe all the tears coming. I watch Grace my best friend trying to protect me.

"Jake, leave her alone you bully" Grace shouts pushing Jake away.

"Go away Grace or you will get hurt" Jake threats. Grace ignores Jake and tries to shield me. Jake brushes Grace with one hand and she falls on the wall, blood coming out of her head. I scream at the sight of blood and run to her. The principal walks in and asks me to tell me what happened. I ignore Jake telling me to shut up and tell him about Jake hurting Grace. The teacher rings the hospital and Grace is gone in a hospital.

Next Day:

I feel all alone today. Grace isn't here I feel so guilty because of me she's hurt. I shake at the thought of something bad to her and try to concentrate on my work. I hope she's ok if she isn't I could live with the thought that I killed her. The school day goes quick, I ignore everyone and run to Grace's house. Grace's Mum, Mrs Field opens the door.

"Please can I see Grace" I ask.

"Grace is resting, maybe later" Mrs Field replies.

"Please, I'm really worried about her and feel terrible please" I beg.

"Ok, but only a few minutes" Mrs Field mumbles walking into the kitchen. I run to Grace room and gasp when I see her sleeping soundly a bandage on her head.

"Grace" I shout. Grace opens her eyes and looks at me.

"I'm sorry for waking you" I mumble.

"It's ok" Grace replies.

"No it isn't because of me you got hurt, because of me please still be my best friend" I beg tears filling my eyes.

"of course I will always be you best friend even when were old" Grace whispers.

"Best Friend Forever" I exclaim.

"Best Friend Forever" Grace replies.

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