My World is With You

A story about 14 year old Elena and her best friend Grace. Elena and Grace have been best friends forever each would do anything for each other but when Elena feelings change for Grace will the friendship survive. Hope you like it have spent my time on it please read it. For the pulling a the gravity competition.


1. Prologue

I sat down on the grass and watched my best friend monkeying around like a ape. Grace was my best friend and I was lucky she was my friend she was pretty,kind and a true friend even when my mother died she was there for me comforting me. She was the one that if there was a fire and I could save one person it would be her. I would miss her cheeky smile the way she tossed her brown hair to flirt with the boys. She means the world to me and I would die for her.

"Did you know if the world was ending and I had a choice to save a billion people or you guess what I would pick easily" I asked my friend Grace.

"I don't know" Grace replied.

"I would pick you cause you are my sunshine and you make my world happy a world without you is no world  at all" I exclaimed.

"Really" Grace asked sitting beside me.

"of course won't you do the same for me" I asked.

"Definitely" Grace replied.

"I'm glad were best friends and we will be best friends even when were old ladies our hair all white" I exclaimed linking my arms to her's Grace smiled. I carved our initial on a tree and wrote" Grace and Elena BFF". We sat together and watched the pretty moon when we saw a shooting star I pointed at it, closed my eyes and made a wish.

"I want Grace and Me to be Best Friends Forever and no one can break us apart"


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