My World is With You

A story about 14 year old Elena and her best friend Grace. Elena and Grace have been best friends forever each would do anything for each other but when Elena feelings change for Grace will the friendship survive. Hope you like it have spent my time on it please read it. For the pulling a the gravity competition.


5. I won't go

"Were going to live in Wales" my father tells us.

"No" I shout.

" Me and your step mum have agreed and we are going" my father replies.


"Yes you are you will make new friends" my father yells.

" NO I won't leave me alone or I will kill myself" I threat.

"You wouldn't" my father scoffs.

"I will" I shout.

"Fine stay here with Grace I never wanted you as a daughter" my father screams.

"I never wanted you as my father" I yell back running out of the house and to Grace mum. I knock on the door and Grace mum opens the door.

"Mrs Field, may I stay with you for a while my parents are going Wales and I don't want to go" I mumble.

"of course Elena you are my daughter too stay for as long as you like, Grace upstairs go tell her the news she be happy" Mrs Field replies pointing upstairs. I run upstairs Grace is drawing.

"Grace, my parents are moving Wales" I tell her.

"What, your leaving" Grace shouts.

"No I'm staying here with you" I reply.

"Yes" Grace exclaims hugging me.

"I will never leave you I promise" I whisper hugging her back.

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