My World is With You

A story about 14 year old Elena and her best friend Grace. Elena and Grace have been best friends forever each would do anything for each other but when Elena feelings change for Grace will the friendship survive. Hope you like it have spent my time on it please read it. For the pulling a the gravity competition.


3. I live for you

I hold Grace and give her a hug. I watch her cry her mascara running down her face the tears wetting my shirt.

"It's ok he wasn't worth it" I whisper at her.

"I know but I can't believe he dumped me and I loved him" Grace mumbles.

"I know but this is how you feel when the person you love doesn't love you" I exclaim tears running from my face.

"Did you love a boy too" She asks.

"Yes" I lie to her. She won't understand me no one does and I don't want our friendship to end.

"Did he dump you" Grace asks.

"More like he was my friend but he loved someone else and I don't want our friendship to end" I mumble.

"That's sad" Grace whispers.

"It's ok Friendship is more important and I can't risk friendship" I exclaim.

Yeah, you know your a brilliant friend and I want to be friends with you forever" Grace mumbles.

"We will be friendship forever" I tell her.

"I love you" Grace mumbles sleeping on my shoulder.

"I love you too" I whisper.

If I have to lie about my feeling I will, so we can still be friends because I can't live without her friendship.

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