Wolves. Velvet Randison has always been afraid of them. Their eyes, their teeth-- and the way she seems to be drawn to them ever since they killed her best friend, Ruby.
When her mother tells her who-- or what-- she really is, Randi is petrified. How will she stand to become a wolf-- the very creature which haunts her nightmares?
Then things start to change-- including Randi. She begins to enjoy life with her pack-- especially after she discovers something amazing.
However, before she died, Ruby did something which put them all in danger, which threatened the secret combed into their DNA.
Somebody will die. Maybe all of them.
But Randi won't let it happen.


1. Ruby

Wolves. Freak. Me. Out.

That is the first and only thing you need to know about me.

I've always thought them a little scary-- but when they killed Ruby, I knew they were killers, through and through.

Ruby didn't do anything. To really hurt them, I mean. She loved wolves. In fact, she observed them so much that she started to get suspicious. The wolves in our woods looked like a rare species. They should be protected.

Unfortunately, hunting is a regular sport here in Creek Woods. Mostly, the wolves are harmless, but if one gets in a hunter's way... 

Well. They get shot. And sometimes it's not just if they get in the way.

I used to think that this was a terrible way for any creature to die. But for Ruby's killers, it somehow seems fitting.

All she wanted to do was take a closer look. And maybe, just maybe, get a sample of their DNA, so she could prove these wolves were endangered.

Then, when she didn't come back, we went to look for her. Her family, my family and I.

All that was left was her clothes, her equipment and a syringe.

No body.

But it was obvious she was dead.

Her family thought she had killed herself with whatever had been in the syringe. But I knew better. Why on earth would Ruby kill herself?

I pointed out the pawprints circling Ruby's things, drag marks in the soil and dots of blood spotting the snow.  I hadn't spent time around a wolf-crazy BFF for nothing. I knew who-- or what-- had done it.

I knew why she was dead.


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