Shadow Of The Rune

"BOOM! THE TROLLS ARE ATTACKING" Is what I heard when I came into this Mysterious world of trolls and dragons. I pull my sword out, I feel the sweat trickle down my face as I approach this ungodly beast........


1. My life is forever changed.

SWOOSH! I swing my shiny bronze sword at the beast but it seems to affect him very little, I feel as if I am no match. My legs are shaking and my jaw is trembling at I attempt to take down this over sized troll. SWOOSH! I swing again and it seams to bring him to his knees as it suck's the life out of him. I am amazed at the strength of this bronze sword and myself." I have overcome death" is what I tell my self in this intrigued state of mind. I soon discover that this is not the end, I've come to this land for a reason I am here to be a hero! 

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