Your Own Short Story

In this book all I need you (reader) to do is to give me a name (real or not) hair color, eye color and what you would like in the story. It has to be a romance story though. Then using ur info I will write a short story for you! Here's a example! 'Taylor, brown hair, ocean blue eyes meets dark haired guy named Dylan, they meet at a party at the pool and the guy plays hard to get!'. Exactly like that! Add a little detail, add alittle spice, I don't care you can give yourself special powers if ya want!


3. For: Ollie Lambert

I pick up my books from my desk and with my books in my hands I get up to leave. Ugh! There's a test tomorrow. I walk out of the class and down 1 floor to my locker. I memorize the numbers to open it. 36-24-95. CLICK! I hear. I pull in my lock and it opens. I put my books in my locker and grab my bag. I try to grab my phone at the same time but end up dropping my bag. I bend down to get it so fat it cases my dark hair to fly out of my lose ponytail. I finally have my phone (now on going of the charts from txts) and lunch bag and head down 2 floors to outside. Once I get there I am intensely stalled over to groups for lunch. I shrug them of and walk to my group of friends waiting for me.

"Oh thank goodness! For a second Karia and I were going to think u were going 2 ditch us for some other group!" Cassie says pretending to faint.

"Haha very funny. And no way! No ones better than us!" I say winking to them. No I'm not one of those thinks I'm perfect persons. I'm popular that's all. And Cassie and Karia always make fun of how those rich popular snotty girls act. I do sometimes. But there better at acting then me.

"Anyways! Have ya girls heard? New kid came today" Karia says while taking a bit of a apple.

"Oh ya I head bout him. Mark or Kyle or something is his name. Right?" Cassie says eyeing my Emily jeans designer.

"Yes there Emily jeans designer cass and ya I heard. He's in a few of my classes." I say taking a huge bit of a cupcake. In matter of seconds it's gone.

"OMG Grace you shouldn't eat a cupcake that fast! You. Oils get DI I or even get fat!" Cassie says looking at me wide eyed.

"Pleassssse! Grace can eat the junckiest junk food out there and still have her perfect figure!" Karia says pointing to my hips. It's true. I have a 100% perfect body. Hips, curves, no rinkles anything that's good! Suddenly I remember the new kids name.

"Ollie! His name is Ollie!" I shout at them. "And there he is. At that bench with the computer!" I say pointing to a ugly looking teen sitting alone typing on the computer he has layed on his lap. For some reason I wantto go over there and hang with him. Get to know him. I shroug it off.

"Of ya! Ollie is his name! And wow is he ugly. First day of school and he already has no social life in this school courtyard!" Karia says laughing. Cassie joins. I only take laugh to make them happy.

After lunch we pack up and head to class. After school I get everything ready and packed in my. At and start walking home. The girls tease me that's how I stay skinny. Walking home in the morning and at night for about 20 minutes. I laugh. I guess it could be true. I have done that since I was 8 years old.

I walk home and start txting. Karia telling me about her shopping plans for this weekend with us and Cassie complaning about how loud her bus is and how she can't hear her music. After a while I hear footsteps behind me. I spin around and get knocked to the ground. When I get up Ollie is standing there looking down at me.

"Sorry" he says. He offers me a hand. I take it and the second we touch my stomach flips badly.

"no I'm sorry. Should have been careful how fast I was turning around." I say laughing weirdly. But for some reason the laugh dosn't seem forced. He smiles. Oh great. He has beaches. I then notice that his eyes. A green seeweed color. God I hate seeweed.

"Ur Ollie right? I'm Grace. Nice to meet you." I say
"Ya I'm Oliie and hello. Grace it is my pleasure to meet you." he says smiling. I smile back. Also not forced. I then notice his laptop on the ground. I pick it up and see him writing a story.

"You write? That's so cool. I love writing myself (I hate it why did I say I loved it!)"
"Ya it's a article for the newspaper" he says starting to walk with me. Suddenly we start talking about articles and stuff like that. When we get to my house read we stop. I open my bags to find my keys and shout it. I need them to open the gate to my house.
"Um thank you for walking me." I say
"no promblem" he says and suddenly walks away. I suprise myself next. I grab him and pull him towards me. Then I kiss him. I don't know why. Even when we were talking and walking no matter how much my phone went crazy with txts I kept thinking about him. I pul away and see him wide eyed. Great. I'm now a freak.
"but...I...why...why me?" he asks. I give him a confused look. "I mean...I'm a boring old ugly guy. Why me? Ur so pretty. And your dark hair so perfect. And your brown eyes. How they sparkle everytime you glance. How they take you to a world of pure happiness" he says gazing into m eyes. I smile.
"I guess there's just love in the air." I say. And with that I kiss him. And instead of him FREZING up he kisses me back. Defentlly love in the air. And boy is it making me happy.
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