Your Own Short Story

In this book all I need you (reader) to do is to give me a name (real or not) hair color, eye color and what you would like in the story. It has to be a romance story though. Then using ur info I will write a short story for you! Here's a example! 'Taylor, brown hair, ocean blue eyes meets dark haired guy named Dylan, they meet at a party at the pool and the guy plays hard to get!'. Exactly like that! Add a little detail, add alittle spice, I don't care you can give yourself special powers if ya want!


2. For: Camicraz9127

I walk along the side walk licking mylips. Yum! I love late night friday snacks. As i walk down a sidewalk i smell something good. I follow the smell to a door. Ipput my nose to the door and sniff. Blood. Wait..5 diffrent types of blood. Then suddenly the door swings open and hits me in the head.

"OW!" I yell. I lay there staring at the sky. No stars out yet. Suddenlly a curly brown haired boy is staring down at me. His eyes being the most prettiest green eyes i have ever seen.

"I'm so sorry about that miss! Are you alright?" he asks me in a accent. God it was sexy. I try to play it cool.

"NO im bloody not!" I spit at him. playing it cool. I take his hand that he reached out and he pulls me up. I notice that there are 4 other boys behind him staring at me. I hearunder all there breathes a 'wow' Great. Being a vampire has its advantages. Expesally when you have flavious skin and gorgoues hazel eyes.

"Im so so so sorry. I didnt know anyone was behind the door." he says. I stare at him blankly.

"Harry. Harry Styles" he says holding a hand out with a huge grin on his face. OH! someone famous. And there are 4 of them.

"Hi. I'm Cami. And it's alright. Should have probally walked on the side walk instead of on the wall." i say looking down.

"Hey  its alright!" Harry says. Suddenlly a blond guy from behind caughs.

"OH! Cami this is Niall,Zayn, Liam and Louis." Hesays pointing to each of the guys.

"Hello i say"

"So cami...where ya heading?" Niall asks me. I grin a evil grin then remember how creppy that seems and just smile.

No where. Out for a bite and got bored. I started walking along the sidewalk hoping to run into someone actually" i say. and its true. Just the meanings are alittle diffrent.

"cool. ya wanna hang with us then?" Liam says. He smiles at me.

"Sure" i say. I walk with themto alimo and get in. Once i smell something terribale. Garlic. I panic.

"Is there garlic here?" I ask looking at harry who is sitting beside me. I have noticed he has been trying to reach his arm around me.

"Ya. Garlic milkshakes. There good. Want some?" I barf in my mouth.

"NO!" I yell. They look starteled. "Highlly alergic! Can't even really breath the stuff" i say plugging my nose. I grin.

"Oh...ok then" Louis says. Suddenlly the windows aredown and they all throw the garlic milkshakes out them. I augh. "Thanks" now everyone is laughing.

For then night we went bowling then we played tag (which i was never it vcause when no one looked i ran up a tree) and then ate at a bar. I only ordered a cocktale. After a while the guys got drunk and we wnt to there appartment. Without questions i walke into harrys. He smiled once he saw me.

"Soo. got anyone special? A boyfriend...maybe?" He asks while heating waffles. I giggle.

"Nope. Im all alone. I even live alone too." I say. He turns around and looks at me in the eye. I look back. God is he gergous.

"Really? as you can see i kinda do" we laugh. Suddnlly harry walks up to me and kisses me strat on the lips. That when it happens. We start getting into it. He kisses me so pasnolly the next thing i know im kissing his lips. He takes my hair in his hands. I see strands of my dirty blond hair with purple fall over his face. He smirks.

"Dirty blondehair with purple streaks. Thats sexy" Then he kisses me and i can feel his buldge. Then with out thinking i look in his eyes and speak.

"I'm a vampire." i blurt out. He laughs. "prove it" he replies. Suddenly were on the couch and im on top. I put out my sharp eating teeth and dig in. The second i feel his blood it takes me over. I drink and drink and drink. And when im done i know by his face i drinked too much. Instead of killing him like i planned i turned him into one. I smile. I actaully liked it better that way. I lay beside him and fall asleep.

In the morning i tell him everything. And i mean everything.

"wow" is the only thing he could say. Suddenlly he pulls me into him and kisses me again. This time its diffrent. He bites my neck (which drives me crazy) and i bit into his. Even though were dead (technally) we still have blood. And are blood cells always replace the ones tooken away. That why we cant die. Suddenlly in the middle of the hot mess all the boys open the door wide and yell together...

..."HELLO HARRY And cam..." they stop. I see that my teeth are out and theres blood everywhere. Oh fuck.

"Holy shit run!" Niall yells. Before they all turn i hypro run and push them all in and slam the door.

"Harry trap them!" I yell at harry who is just standing there. Suddenly in the next second there kinda tied to the couch.

"What the fuck man!" Liam yells. WOW! Never heard him swear befor.

"Dont kill me PLEASE!" Zayn yells. I laugh. Suddenlly everyone is looking at me. I get mad at there behaviour.

"I'm not goin to fucking kill ya! Where technally kinda dead. Not half! Just kinda. W cant die thats all!" i explain. I tell them eerying i told harry. I even eplain a few things.Then i tell them about me and harry.

"sweat! sign me up!" Zayn says.

"Ya! Me too!" Lian and louis say together. Niall shakes his head a lot.

"Uhhh..." I look at harry. "Why not!" he says. Fine.

"Ugh fine whatever. But niall i know you and food. That means your going on a very very very strict diet!" i say. He looks like someyhing terribale just happened. We all laugh. Next thing i know there all turned. Harry did Zayn and louis. I did Niall and Liam. The boys go out to try there new powers in there rooms. I give them each alist of 'dos' and 'donts' and 'facts'.

Next thing i know me and harry are cuddiling on the couch watching twiliht.

"Harry..are you series!!" i ask him.

"please!" he says. I signand curl up into him more. That night i go to bed peacfully. I have the man of my dreams. And hes like me. And so is his friends. What a happy ever after ending for me!

~Hoped ya liked it Camicraze9127!

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