Your Own Short Story

In this book all I need you (reader) to do is to give me a name (real or not) hair color, eye color and what you would like in the story. It has to be a romance story though. Then using ur info I will write a short story for you! Here's a example! 'Taylor, brown hair, ocean blue eyes meets dark haired guy named Dylan, they meet at a party at the pool and the guy plays hard to get!'. Exactly like that! Add a little detail, add alittle spice, I don't care you can give yourself special powers if ya want!


1. Example :)

I put the keys into the car and start off out of my drive way. My friend has asked for me to cometo her 'Schools gone and Hello summer!' pool party. I signed. I usally stood in the corner or outside staring at the pool alone. I wasn't big on partys. I loved them. Just i didnt have any curage in me to say hello.

Once i got there after the first hour i ended up going outside to her pool. I look at my watch. 7:26 it read. At around 8 everyone comes outside to swim. I sit by the side with my legs in the pool. After what seems to be hours i hear the sliding door open. I pull up my hoodie and take a sip of my drink. I smile. Aly my friend have givin me some beer. Of course she did.

Thats when i notice him. He sat beside me and is trying to look at me. I glance alittle to the right where he isn't sitting. He smirks.

"Hi." He says turning to look at the sunset. Alys house is on the edge of a hill. Because the hill is so tall it makes it perfect for watching a sunset. She has one of those pools that have water going off the end all the time.

I wave. I tried saying hello but couldn't.

"Dylan. And you are?" he says looking at me. I turn around to be gretted by his eyes. A soft brown color that makes my heart skip a few beats. i can barly hear him say "wow" under his breath. I smile.

"Taylor. Nice to meet you." i say barly undermy breath. but by his smile i knew he heard me.

"You have amazing eyes Taylor." he says leaning closer. I can feel my heart race faster and faster as he gets closer.

"Not as amzing as yours i say." i barly breath after that. What was happening to me? i have never been like this befor. Then suddenlly i know why i'm acting like this. The beer.

He moves so close that there are only a few millimeters between are lips. I suddenlly move forwardwanting to taste his lips, his breath. but he pulls up and stands up. I look down sadly.

"Let's go swimming." he says suddenlly. He pulls off his pants leaving swimming shorts on. Then he pulls his shirt off. I stare at his chest. Amzing i think. I pull off my top keaving my red bathing suit with white polka dots on. Then i pull off my shorts leaving a mathching bikkin botton to the top. We jump in and laugh. He stares at me and walks closer. Oh great...not this again. I sign.

He gets so close that i can hear him breathing. His heart is racing too. He puts his hands on my waist and i put my hands around his neck. We both lean closer andcloser till theres no space between are lips. I feel a zip go threw my lips and open my eyes. He backed up. Ioly got to feel him for a second. Thats when i notice it. He's paying harder to get. He smirks andi smirk back. I swim closer to him and stand. Were in the shollow end now. I walk slowly close then he doges around me. I turn around fast enough and grab him. He turns to me. andi pull in. Its amazing. He tastes so good. My lips are gretted by his and they turn so warm they feel like there burning. We pull away after a few seconds and stare at eachother.

He grins and puts his hand on my brown hair. I put mine on his dark black hair. Suddenlly he garbs my waist and puts me up to the side of the pool. He kisses me then but this time with more passion. I kiss gim back.

Boy was this going to be a exciting summer!!

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