Third Wheel

3 seems to be a common number in Princess' life. 3 countries she's lived in, 3 countries she's been to, and then her new little three-some she's found her way into. When both of her best friend's come back into her life at the same time, what will happen?


2. Good Night and Good Morning

Louis's P.O.V.

What happened to her. She was actually a girl now... A pretty girl too. The way she looked in that skirt was like nothing I've ever seen before. She was beautiful.

Princess' P.O.V.

When I get back to the house, it's already 11, and the girls are sleeping. Oh and Johanna and my mum were still out doing who knows what. Probably a spa-resort pampering mani-pedi mini vacation.... So I basically have the house to myself. Cool. I walk upstairs to my new, temporary room and change into sweats and a sports bra. If Louis' are the only other ones home, then no one is going to see me like this. So I grab my iPod, plug in my headphones, and turn on Taylor Swift, my music idol. To make sure that I don't disturb the girls, I shut the door before turning on the lights, dancing like a maniac, and lip-singing. I'm halfway through 'You Belong With Me' when I hear the door knob turn. I quickly turn around and face Louis, Niall, and the rest of their band.

"What are you doing here!?" I ask frantically.

"Umm, showing the lads my room?" he explains.

"Try our room," I say, pulling my headphones out of my ears and turning off my music.

"Right... Our room..." he says, glancing at my chest.

"Excuse me?" I say, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Oh, uh, s-sorry..." he stutters, looking away and blushing.

"And you should be too," I say, glancing at Harry. He just looks down at his feet.

"Well... We should probably be going..." Liam says, backing out the door. I quickly grab a sweatshirt off of Louis's dresser and pull it over my head.

"My god your fat Lou!" I exclaim, holding my arms out to my sides. Niall just snickers from the doorway and Louis blushes again.

"Sorry, didn't mean to embarrass you in front of your friends Loulou," I say, sitting down on the bed.

"Well you did," he mutters, frowning.

"Well you know... Liam was right. We probably should be going. Bye Louis, bye Prinny!" Harry exclaims.

"Bye Harry!" I call out the door.

"Bye guys," Zayn says, also walking out the door.

"Bye!" I sing.

"Bye Louis. Bye Prinny!" Niall says, giving me a quick hug.

"Bye Niallll," I say, dragging out the 'l'.

"So, uh, what are sleeping arrangements?" Louis asks.

"I don't care as long as I don't have to sleep on the floor," I answer, taking off his sweatshirt, "You don't mind if I sleep like this, do you?"

"No, not at all!" he says quickly.

"Okay. So, goodnight!" I say, crawling into his bed.

"Oh no you don't! It's my bed!" he says, turning off the light and turning on a smaller lamp.

"Well then you're going to have to share it tonight!" I exclaim, scooting over to the side of the bed and patting the space nest to me.

"Whatever," he mumbles, climbing in and turning off the light. "Goodnight, Princess," he whispers.

"Goodnight, Louis," I sigh.

Louis's P.O.V.

I wake up with feet on my chest.

"What the heck..." I mumble, then remembering what happened last night. I gently move her feet off of me and sit up to analyze her sleeping position. Half of her is on the bed and half of her is hanging off of the bed. She's sleeping upside down. I wonder how long she's been like that... I gently shake her awake, "Princess... Prinny... PRINCESS!"

"What do you want?" she groans, "and what time is it?"

"Oh it's uh," I say, checking the time on my phone, "8:30."

"Ughh!" she exclaims, her body sliding off of the bed. "Ouch!" I hear her yell after a big thud.

"You okay?" I ask her, worriedly.

"Just a mild concussion," she jokes, rubbing her head as she stands up.

"Oh... By the way, you might want to put a shirt on before we go down for breakfast..." I add, looking at her sports bra.

"Stop staring at them!" she fake whines, turning around and looking for a shirt in her bags.

"Sorry," I say, embarrassed.

"It's fine. I was just joking. It was a bit awkward when all your friends saw me like this, however..." she adds.

"Well, you ready for food?" I ask.

"Am I ever!" she exclaims, patting her belly.

"Alright, lets go!" I say, skipping down the steps to find the kitchen empty.

"What would you like for breakfast?" I ask her, opening up the cabinets.

"Give me the pancake mix," she says, holding out her hand.

"Alright. I make tea, you make pancakes," I say, grabbing the box of tea bags.

"Ooh! Do you have English Breakfast?" she asks, looking for a cooking pan.

"What do you think? you're in England and we're eating breakfast," I answer sarcastically.

"Just checking!" she says, giggling. God her laugh is so cute.

Princess's P.O.V.

Now I remember why he was my best friend. He's so random, weird, funny, and adorable. Wait did I just say... Adorable? Am I really falling for my best friend whom I haven't seen in years? Impossible! I already have a boyfriend. Well... Sort of. I think we're still together even though it's uh, very long-distanced.

My thoughts are interrupted by Louis, "Love, I think that's enough pancake batter."

"Dreamsickle!" I yell, after realizing I just poured the whole bowl of pancake batter into the pan.

"It's okay we can just share a giant pancake," he snickers."

"But it might not be cooked all the way through then... We could get sick from the semi-raw eggs!" I exclaim, pouring the batter down the drain.

"Speaking about eggs... How about we have omelettes instead?" he asks.

"I suppose. Get me a couple eggs," I sigh, getting a clean pan. After I finish making my specialty extra-cheesy omelettes, we sit down at the island for our tea and eggs.

"These are good!" Louis exclaims after his first bite.

"Thanks. But be quiet or you'll wake your sisters!" I say in a hushed voice.

"Sorry," he whispers.

"Well you can talk louder than that," I say, smiling.

"I'd rather enjoy these eggs," he says, shoving his fork into his mouth.

"I'm going to miss you when your away at the X-Factor house..." I admit.

"Aww! Someone going to miss they're big brother!" Louis exclaims, pulling me into a hug.

"Louis?" I say, muffled through his shirt.

"Yes love?" he asks.

"My head is in your armpit. That is a place where my nose does not want to be," I explain.

"Oops! Sorry love!" he says, letting go of me, "Soo... How exactly do you know Niall?" 

"He was my best friend in Ireland. And next door neighbor for that fact," I explain, swallowing my last bit of egg.

"So an Irish version of me? You know, 'cause we used to be neighbors and stuff..." he asks.

"Sort of... Personalities are kind of different thought. And he's obviously younger," I point out.

"Well yes. Anyways... It's my last day home and hanging out with you. What do you want to do?" he asks.

"Go shopping!" I exclaim excitedly, jumping up and down.

"Yah know you sure don't act like a seventeen year old," Louis says.

"And you don't act like an eighteen year old so we're even," I say, setting my plate and cup in the sink.

"Well that's true. Now I got to go take a shower," he says, walking up the stairs.

"I need one too!" I say, following him up the stairs.

"Okay. You can use my sister's bathroom," he says, pointing down the hall.

"Deal. But don't shut the door I need my," I say while getting a door slammed in my face.

"Open up please!" I say, banging on the door. I sit there for about ten minutes banging on the door until he finally opens it up. Standing there dripping wet with nothing but a towel wrapped around him.

"What do you want?" he asks, clearly annoyed. I find myself staring at his toned body.

"Hello?" he asks, waving his hand in front of my face.

"Oh! Right, sorry! I need my clothes," I say, pushing past him and walking towards my suitcase.

"Alright... What should I wear?" I ask him, curiously.

"Clothes," he answered.

"Not helping! I mean, well... What should I wear?" I ask again.

"This!" he says, grabbing a random dress from my bag.

"Good idea! I love this dress!" I exclaim.

"Now get out so I can change," he says.

"Well I need shoes. And possibly a jacket," I explain.

"You can get those later. Go shower!" he says, pushing me towards the door.

"Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning..." I mumble. So I walk into the bathroom and take my shower. I dry my hair with Lottie's hair dryer and put on my dress. Then I walk back to Louis's bedroom.

"You ready to go yet?" he asks me.

"Yes. I'm going out as a hobo with no shoes," I say sarcastically, walking over to my suitcase filled with shoes.

"Okay, which shoes should I wear? Keep in mind I'm wearing a leather jacket over my dress too," I say.

"Why does that matter?" he asks.

"Because what if you picked shoes that would look totally disgusting with a leather jacket?" I say, making it sound like it was obvious. Which it is. to me anyways.

"Ooh! These boots are perfect! They match my jacket too!" I say, sliding on my black leather boots, "Okay. Now I'm ready."

"Whatever," Louis laughs, heading out the door after he writes his sisters a note about where we're going.





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