Third Wheel

3 seems to be a common number in Princess' life. 3 countries she's lived in, 3 countries she's been to, and then her new little three-some she's found her way into. When both of her best friend's come back into her life at the same time, what will happen?


5. Confused

Louis's P.O.V.

He... Kissed her... Did she like it? I thought we were getting to something. No. She just broke up with her boyfriend. She probably doesn't like either one of us. But what if she did? Who would she like. Me or Niall? I'm so confused. Does HE like HER? Of course he does, otherwise, why would he have kissed her. Maybe.. It's just a little game they play. But then why would she react like that? Ugh, I'm so confused!

"Louis! We're doing our first video diary now! Come on!" I hear Harry shout.

"Oh, uh, right!" I reply, trying to stop thinking about her. It didn't work.

I guess I'm a better actor than I thought because when we preview the video we just made, I look like I'm not completely distracted and thinking about Princess, which, I completely was, but still. The fans will never know that. I hope. I wonder if she'll be able to tell. Who am I kidding, she probably won't even watch it at all.

Princess's P.O.V.

"Princess! Would you like to watch a video diary the boys just made?" my mum calls up the stairs.

"Oh yeah, sure, just a second!" I say, wiping my tears and making sure that I look like I haven't been crying for the past few hours. I thought it was going to be okay, but it's not. I'm not even sure if I'm still crying about our break up, or if I'm just crying because I'm so confused with my emotions. I still like Mike, but I also like Louis and Niall. And I'm not sure which one I like the best, although Mike is probably out of the question since he broke up with me... I wish Louis or Niall were here to comfort me. Plus if they were here then maybe I could be able to tell who I liked and then I could quit moping around about that part. Well, I guess I look presentable. And hopefully no one will notice... So I walk down the stairs to watch the video diary with Louis's mum, sisters, and my mum.

Well.. That was kind of entertaining. And I got to see them again. Sort of. But it just made me even more confused. They're both so sweet and caring.. And quite good looking if I do say so myself but... They're both just, equal to me right now. Urgh. Why must teenage emotions be so... Difficult and confusing.

Niall's P.O.V.

Why DID I kiss her? Do I like her? Well duh, Niall, otherwise why would you kiss her. Does she like me? No, probably not. After all she did just get out of a relationship... But what if she did?  What if she did, and we went out, and then broke up, and that ended our friendship? No! I couldn't live without her friendship... But what if we didn't break up and we ended up getting married and living together for the rest of our lives? No, now I'm just being crazy. And besides, what would Louis do? I think he likes her. And what if she likes him and then they go out and live happily ever after? Or what if they break up and she gets mad at him and then I won't know which side to take. Urgh. I'm just over thinking this. It's all too confusing.

~Heyy! Sorry for the super short and probably pretty crappy chapter and sorry it took soooo long! But seriously, if any of you wanna come and do all my homework for me so that I have more time to write, feel free! Anyways thanks for reading!~

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