Just a budd?

Lizzie,Niall Horans girlfriend is so happy but when Niall and his band mates leave on tour will they still be the same?


1. Chapter 1

-Lizzie's POV-
I woke up to see someone's arm around me, it was Niall's. I slipped out of his grip and went to go make breakfast,I thought of what to make." Pancakes? Eggs with bacon? " I thought to myself. "I will just go with what's easiest." I said out loud, so I got to work. When they were all finished I heard running down the stairs. " I smell something yummy!" Niall said. I just laughed as he grabbed a plate and fork and sat down. " How many you want?" I asked him. "3" He replied. I served him and gave him his plate. Then I grabbed the 1 pancake left and sat down. By the time I sat down he had half a pancake left! "Babe you should have told me there was only one left for you!" He said. "It's ok" "No.Have my last half." He took one last bite out of his half and gave me the rest. "Your the sweetest!" I told him. He got up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "I am gonna go get dressed, the guys are gonna be here soon." He said "Okay I will get ready after I finish eating"
I finished and gathered up our plates and put them in the dishwasher, then I went to get ready. "THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!" Niall sang/screamed from the shower, I smiled "How did I get so lucky?" I thought. I got out my skinny jeans and a nice shirt and went to the extra bathroom to change.When I got out Niall was fully dressed,"You look lovely!" He told me, I blushed. "You look handsome!" I said to him, he blushed. The doorbell rang and we headed downstairs. At the door was Harry,Louis,Liam,and Zayn. "Come on, Hurry up!" They said to us. We hopped into the car and were on our our way. "Where are we going?" I asked Niall. "You'll see." He said with a smile on his face.
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