Best Friends or More?

Louis falls in love with his best friend, Trisha. And Niall falls in love with Trisha's best friend, Ally. Niall makes one mistake leaving Ally heartbroken. Harry and Ally become closer, and then something changes their whole life! Will Ally end up choosing Niall or Harry? Read and find out :) Some parts are rated R. My first fan fiction, don't hate. Leave comments! :)


39. X-Factor Auditions.

Katie's POV
I can't believe THE Liam Payne, from the X Factor in 2008 wants to take me on a date! Me! 'Okay Katie, calm down, he's just a boy. A FREAKING HOT BOY!' I said in my head. "Katie?" Liam asked. "You okay?" "Yeah, totally fine." I said, smiling. "Okay lads, Niall and Zayn are on their way. Hazza, start looking up some good songs, we need to pick one out and start rehearsing tonight. We are going to have a busy next few weeks. You guys ready?" They all nodded. I'm glad they are doing this, I know they can make it far. I'm still in shock that Liam wants to take me on a date, I hope everything works out for the both of us. 

Ally's POV 
I was helping Harry look for songs, while Liam and Katie got to know each other. "Ohhh, what about this one!" I practically yelled in his ear. "Babe, I'm sitting right here. You don't need to yell." He said, smiling at me. "Show the boys the song!" "Where's the food!" Niall yelled. "Niall's here." I whispered to Harry. He just laughed. "Kendra!" I yelled. He brought Kendra with him. I've missed her. "Hey girly, how are things around here?" "Living with two boys, you tell me." I said, laughing. "Okay boys, me and Harry found a song. We want to know what you think." They all nodded, and we played the song. "Summer of '69, I love it." Niall said, smiling at me. "Me too!" Said Zayn. "I think we all love it, now let's rehearse." Liam said. Man, these next few weeks will be hectic, but I'm excited for them.

*3 weeks later.*

Today is the day the boys go audition for the X Factor. The girls, the babies, and I are all going. I gave Harry a good luck kiss before they went on stage. "You'll do great babe." I told him. "I have my two good luck charms here." He said, smiling. I just smiled. "Okay boys, you're on!" A woman with a headset said. "Follow me." I kissed Harry once more. "Go get em, Curly." I said, winking. He winked back at me. The girls and I waited impatiently back stage, then we heard the song start playing. 'Dear God, please let them through to boot camp.' I kept saying in my head, then the music stopped, which brought me out of my thoughts. "I really like you boys." Said Simon. Oh my gosh, Simom Cowell loves them! "I have to agree with Simon, what do you think Katy?" Louis asked. "I do like them and I think they we do great in the future! Now shall we vote?" "I say yes!" Simon said. "Thank you." The boys all said. "It's a yes for me!" Louis said. "Thank you!" They boys said once more. "Oh you know my answer, yes!" Katy said. "Oh my gosh, thank you so much." Louis said. "Yes, thank you Simon!" Liam said. Then they all started jumping up and down and running off stage. Harry ran to me. "I told you that you'd do great." "I know, thanks for believing I me babe." Then he kissed my cheek. "So, when's boot camp?" Katie asked. "Two weeks." "We need to spend some time together." Katie said, winking at Liam. Oh, they are definitely meant for each other. 

Liam's POV
When we got home from the X Factor auditions, I told Katie to get dressed all fancy, I'm taking her out on a date and asking her to be my girlfriend, finally. When he came down, she looked amazing. She wore a black dress then went just above her knees  and it fit her curves well. I loved her body, even though I haven't really seen it yet, but I love her curves. She wore black high heels and just a little bit of make up. Her hair was curled and she just looked beautiful. "Woah, you look amazing." I said, staring at her. "Don't stare too hard now, we might miss our dinner reservations." She said, winking. She is such a jokster. The ride to Nandos was silent, but I liked it. I rented out the whole restaurant because now that we were on X Factor, I didn't know who might show up. "You rented out the place?" She asked as we pulled up. "Only the best for you." I whispered. She just smiled. "Well lets go in, shall we love?" "We shall." She said, taking my hand. We talked through most of our dinner, and laughed a lot. I really like this girl. "So Katie, I know we have only known each other for three week but it feels like a life time. I can't get you out of my mind and I might go crazy if I don't ask you this. So... Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked her, looking into her eyes. She was blushing. "Of course I will, Liam!" I picked her up and hugged her. "You will be with me everyday until I leave for boot camp, okay?" I asked her, kissing her cheek. "Fine by me. So stay at my place or yours?" She asked me. "How about yours. Since you're staying with Harry and Louis. We can tell everyone the news tonight!" I said. "Let's go babe." She said, taking my hand and dragging me out the door. We decided to listen to the radio on the way home and we both sang at the top of our lungs and laughed. Then finally we got to Harry and Louis'. Katie walked in and yelled. "Everyone we have some news, living room, now!" Everyone came down and sat in the couches, waiting very impatiently. "So, tell us!" Louis yelled. "Well..." She said, looking at me and nodding, telling me to tell them. "Katie and I are dating." I said, smiling. "About time, mate!" Harry said, hugging me. Everyone hugged me, except for Kendra. What's up with that? She is always happy with whatever I do. Why not now? Oh well, I shouldn't think much about it. All I want to think about is Katie and I. Us. Our life together from this moment on. 
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