Best Friends or More?

Louis falls in love with his best friend, Trisha. And Niall falls in love with Trisha's best friend, Ally. Niall makes one mistake leaving Ally heartbroken. Harry and Ally become closer, and then something changes their whole life! Will Ally end up choosing Niall or Harry? Read and find out :) Some parts are rated R. My first fan fiction, don't hate. Leave comments! :)


20. What happened?

Ally's POV
I woke up with Harry's arm around me, holding me tight. I didn't think anything of it, until I looked down and we were both naked. What happened last night? "Harry?" I whispered. Nothing. "Harry?" I said a little louder. Nothing. "Harry!" I yelled. It startled him. "Yes, love?" "What the fuck happened last night?" I ask him. "We, uhh..." "We what?!" I stated to yell. "We had sex. We were both drunk, but I wasn't drunk enough to not remember it. You, you were wasted. Completely gone." he said, not looking into my eyes. "And you still had sex with me?!" I yelled at him. "I asked you if you were sure, and you said yeah." He said. "And you believed me?!" "Well yeah! I always believe you!" He yelled back. Full blown argument. "I can't believe you Harry! I totally betrayed Niall!" "Well it's not all my fault! And you wouldn't have done it if you didn't have feelings for me too!" He yells. He's right, if I didn't have feelings for him, I wouldn't have done it. I started to get tears in my eyes. "Ally, babe. Look, I'm sorry. But you know it's the truth." He says, looking into my eyes. "Yeah, I know Harry. But I'm with Niall. And I totally betrayed him. Wait... Did he call me last night?! He was supposed to call me!" I started panicking. "You phone is on the dresser, I didn't hear it ring though." He said. I went to check my phone. Texts from Liam, Destiny, Trisha, and Louis. Nothing from Niall. Why didn't Niall Atleast text me? This isn't like him. He always makes time for me. "Harry?" I ask, my voice cracking. "Do you think Niall is cheating on me?" I ask him, looking into his eyes. He just looked down at the ground, he knew something. "Harry..." "Uhhh..." He says. "Tell me the truth, Curly." I say to him, very harshly. "I think you should know the truth..." He says, trailing off. "His mother was not in a car accident, she is perfectly okay. His ex girlfriend texted him and he went to see her and check up on her." He said, looking into my eyes. Harry would never lie to me. That explains why Niall got so upset about me going. "Who else knows?" "Just me. He knew Louis, Liam, and Zayn would tell you. He thought I wouldn't tell you. That's why he acted like he was pissed off at us for hanging out and why he had sex with you. He wanted to fuck you then-" "Then go see her." I say finishing his sentence. "Yeah." "Styles?" I say. "Yeah?" "Will you stay with me until he comes back?" I ask him. "Of course, love. You're going to need me. You don't need him. Ally, I would never do that to you. I would never hurt you. I would love you unconditionally and always be there for you. Niall is still in love with his ex girlfriend and you don't need to be hurt. You should still be his friend, but don't feel guilty for what we did. He should be the one feeling guilty." I love Niall, but Harry just seems like the guy I need to be with. Just two weeks and I can confront Niall, or maybe Harry will. I can't live with this hurt. And maybe Trisha will come home soon! 

Trisha's POV

I texted Ally last night but no reply, things are seeming a little fishy. After I tell my mother about my pregnancy, me and Lou are going back home! Ally just texted. "Come home soon, I need you and Lou." Oh my gosh, what happened? "Lou, hurry up and get to my mothers house, we need to tell her and then get back home. Ally needs us!" "Okay love." We pulled into her driveway, I'm nervous. "Mom?" I say, walking into her house. "Hey sweetheart! How are you? Why are you here?" She asks us. "Mom, me and Louis are now dating." "Awwww, good! It's about time!" I took a deep breath. "Mom, I'm also pregnant." Her mouth dropped. She looked like she had just seen a ghost. "Well, I wish you would had waited a little longer, but I will support you." She smiled. "Thanks mom." "And Lou. You take care of my little girl." She said. "I always have and I always will." we talked for a couple of hours. "Well mom, we have to go. Ally needs us." "Tell her I love her and to come with you guys next time!" She has always loved Ally. "She loves you too, bye mom. Love you!" "Bye baby girl." I miss my mom. Now we have to take another flight home right away. I wonder what's going on with Ally.

Louis' POV

Ally is such a strong girl, but she texted Trisha saying she needed her home, I wonder what was going in. Niall went to see him mother, it can't be because of him. Harry is there though, they are so close, so maybe he knows something. So I decided to call him. "Hello." "Hey Harold. We're coming home, how's Ally? What's going in?" "Hey Boo Bear, she's doing bad. Niall lied to all of you all, but don't tell him what I'm going to tell you." He says to me. Uh oh. "Well, his mother isn't in the hospital, she never had a wreck. Niall's ex girlfriend texted him, wanting him back. We went to see her, to see if he still had feelings for him. Just get home. Ally needs Trisha." He said. "Okay, bye." "Bye, Boo Bear." I can't believe Niall. Ally doesn't deserve any of that. I love her, she's like my little sister. 

Harry's POV

Niall doesn't deserve someone like Ally, he went to go see his dumb ex girlfriend. I always hated her. She cheated on him multiple times and he's probably having sex with her. "Harry?" I hear her say. "Yeah, Ally?" "Thank you for being so sweet after I blamed this on you. You're the best." She says, while crying. She was crying into my shirt. i hated seeing her hurt, especially by Niall. The next time I see him. I am telling him to tell Ally the truth. She doesn't deserve to cry! I love this girl. "Ally?" I say. "Yeah?" I took a deep breath. "I love you." 
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