Best Friends or More?

Louis falls in love with his best friend, Trisha. And Niall falls in love with Trisha's best friend, Ally. Niall makes one mistake leaving Ally heartbroken. Harry and Ally become closer, and then something changes their whole life! Will Ally end up choosing Niall or Harry? Read and find out :) Some parts are rated R. My first fan fiction, don't hate. Leave comments! :)


22. The Girl Of My Dreams.

Niall's POV

Did I make a mistake coming back to see Alexa, my ex girlfriend? Or did I really want to work things out with her? Ally broke up with me and I really do miss her. But I have been staying with Alexa, it seems that when I'm with her, I'm happy. Happy like when we first went out. Ally had sex with Harry, but she was drunk. I has sex with Alexa, and I was sober. Oh my god. Ally is never going to forgive me. She says that we can still be friends. I want to bring Alexa back home with me, from my old home. Dick move, I know. I don't care. I will always love Alexa. I just wonder how Ally is going to take this.

Louis' POV

I am really upset with Niall, why would he do that to Ally? She is so fragile. But, she has been strong for the past week. But that also means that Niall is coming back in a week, he better not bring his ex girlfriend home with him, I absolutely hate her. She couldn't stand the fact he was happy without her, so she texted him. But he also shouldn't have went to his hometown to see her. "Lou!" I heard Trisha yell. "Lou!" She yelled again. "What?! What is it, love?!" I yelled, running into our room. "Are you okay?" I ask her. "Yeah, but I have an idea." She said, smiling. "I think that since Niall and Ally broke up... Me, you, Ally, and Harry should all get a flat of our own. He has been taking really good care of her, and he wouldn't hurt her. I know they both love each other." She said. I was being quiet, so she probably thinks that I didn't want to. But I needed to talk to Harry and she needed to talk to Ally. "Sounds great, babe. But I need to talk to Harry and you need to talk to Ally." "Okay, I'll go talk to her now!" She said excitedly, skipping away. "Babe, please don't skip!" I yell to her. I'm very over protective of her and our baby. But, its only because I love her and our baby already.

Trisha's POV

As I was skipping off to Harry, and now Ally's room, I heard Louis yell. "Babe, please don't skip!" He is so over protective of me and this baby. "Oh Lou, its okay!" I yelled back, walking into Harry and Ally's room. "Hey Ally!" I say, excitedly. She looked up and smiled. She was looking at pictures, but who of? "What are you doing?" I ask her. "Looking at pictures of you and me. You and Louis. Me and Harry. And just us four. But you know, me and Harry have always been so close, but I fell for Niall. Why? Why couldn't I have fallen for Harry before this past week?" She says to me. Wait, she loved him back? "You love Harry back?" I ask her. She just looked down and blushed. "Ally." "Yes, Trisha. I do! I love him so much. At first I was so mad at him for having sex with me, because he remembered it and I didn't. But he has spent this whole week with me, never leaving my side. Except for right now, because he's watching tv. But, he sleeps with me every night. And he let me cry into his shirt. But I only cried right after I broke up with Niall. I've been so strong and its all because of Harry. I know what you're going to say, I need to tell him. But when?" She says to me, in almost one breath. "Well, I think you should tell him as soon as possible. Harry loves you so much, he would do anything for you. You and Harry are meant to be together. Oh! I came in here to ask you something..." "What?!" She asks looking worried. "Do you want to move in with me, Louis, and Harry. Just us, in a flat of our own?" "YES!" She screams. I just hope Harry says that he wants to.

Harry's POV

"YES!" I hear Ally scream. "So, do you want to?" Louis asks me. Should we all move in together. It would get Ally away from Niall. I am very upset with him at the moment. "Yeah Louis, that would be great. Ally and I would get so close." I say, smiling. "Harry?" Ally asks, walking into the living room. "Can we talk?" She asks me. "Yeah, of course." I say, standing up off the couch. We went into the bedroom that we are sharing. "Harry..." She says, pausing. I just look at her, very concerned. "I want to thank you so much for hanging out with me all week, and never leaving my side. You have always been such a great friend to me, and I can not thank you enough. But, that's not what I wanted to tell you..." "What is it, Ally?" I ask her. "Harry... I love you too. I always have, but I just fell for Niall. That Irish bastard. But, I realize now that its you, its always been you! Harry, I'm glad to be moving in with you, Louis, and Trish. I just love you so much." She says, smiling. I just stand there looking shocked. Is this really happening? Ally loves me? So many questions going through my mind. "Harry, say something." She says, looking said. I still didn't say anything. Instead, I just leaned in and crashed my lips on hers. We started to kiss passionately. I backed away. "There's only one other thing that will make me happy." I say to her, smiling. "What's that?" She asks. "Will you be my girlfriend?" She looked so surprised. And in shock. She started blushing and started to speak. "Y-Y-YES! OF COURSE I WILL, HARRY!" She yells, jumping up and down. She is just so cute when she is excited. I'm dating the girl of my dreams. Time to go looking for a new flat! "Ally, I love you." "I love you too, Harry."

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