Best Friends or More?

Louis falls in love with his best friend, Trisha. And Niall falls in love with Trisha's best friend, Ally. Niall makes one mistake leaving Ally heartbroken. Harry and Ally become closer, and then something changes their whole life! Will Ally end up choosing Niall or Harry? Read and find out :) Some parts are rated R. My first fan fiction, don't hate. Leave comments! :)


38. Sign Ups.

Trisha's POV

I cannot believe what I saw, my other best friend, standing in my door way. She moved when I was thirteen, right before I met Louis. I've talked about her quite a bit, but by the look on Louis' face, I can tell he doesn't remember her. "Louis, this is Katie. The girl I always talked about when we first met." I hoped he rememebered. "Katie, come on in. What are you doing here? Is everything okay?" Ally asked her. "Harry, get her some water." "Yeah, everything is fine, I just finished up school and I came back here. I'm glad I found you. I went to your house Trisha, and your mom said you moved in with this Louis guy. She gave me the address and I went there. Then a guy named Niall gave me this address, and well here I am." She said, smiling. I've missed her so much. "Here you go, love." Harry said, giving her some water. "Thank you, uhhh..." "Harry." He said, telling her his name. "Do you want to stay here, we have plenty of rooms." "Yeah, that would be perfect. Thank you so much." I'm glad I now have my two best friends with me. "Oh yeah, Katie. I have twins with Louis, Tommy and Lottie. And Ally has a little baby girl with Harry, and her name is Darcy." "Can I see them please?" She asked me. "Of course, they are all asleep so be quiet." I said, smiling.

Liam's POV

I decided I would go over to Harry's and apologize to him, I can't fight with my best lad over something stupid. I don't even see Ally as a girlfriend, just as a little sister. When I pulled up, there was an unfamiliar car. Who is here? I walked up and knocked on the door and Harry answered. "Uhhh, hey. I came to apologize to you buddy." "No, I should be the one apologizing, I was wrong for getting mad at you." "So we cool now?" I asked him. "Of course, come in!" We walked in and I saw the most beautiful girl standing in the living room, holding Darcy. "Who's that?" I whispered to Louis. "That's Katie, Ally and Trisha's best friend from a about five years ago." "Louis, she is beautiful." He just smiled. "Work your magic." He said, winking at me. "Hello there, gorgeous." "Nice pick up line there stud." She said, handing Darcy to Ally. "What is your name? I don't think I'll be calling you stud forever will I?" I just laughed at her. "My name is Liam Payne." "Oh my gosh, like the Liam Payne? The one who was on the X Factor is 2008?" Oh crap, she knows. "Yeah, that's me. I'm supposed to go back this year." "You did amazing, I think you should have made it through." She said, smiling. "Well Simon told me come back in two years, and well I'm going back in the fall." "That's amazing. You have an incredible voice." "It's better now that I have been practicing." I said. "Can I hear something?" Oh crap, I didn't think she would ask that. "Of course, what would you like to hear?" "Anything, surprise me." She said, smiling. I cleared my throat. "I thought I saw a girl brought to life, she was warm she came around. She was dignified, she showed me what it was to cry. You couldn't be that girl I adored, you don't seem to know or seem to care. What your heart is for, but I don't know her anymore." I looked at the ground, waiting on her to say something. But I forgot that everyone was in the living room too, and all I heard was claps. "That was amazing, Liam." Katie said to me. "I know this is a bit forward, but I think you are really beautiful. Can I have your number and take you out on a date?" She just smiled and said "That sounds lovely."
Ally's POV

I'm glad Louis and Trisha made up, fast. They love each other so much. And I'm also glad Katie came home, to her hometown. Liam really likes her, he's never looked at Destiny the way he looks at Katie now. And I never knew how great his voice was until he sung for her. All I heard when he was done was claps all around the room. "Liam James Payne!" I yelled, "Why didn't you ever tell me you could sing?!" I asked. He just shrugged his shoulders. I hope him and Katie get together. They look great together. "Oh my gosh, Harry!" I yelled. "What babe?!" "You can sing. Niall can sing. Zayn can sing. Louis can sing. And Liam can sing. I have the best idea!" I yelled. All eyes were on me. "You guys go try for the X Factor, as a group!" I hoped they liked my idea. "That's an amazing idea!" Louis yelled. "Liam, call Niall and Zayn and get them over here. Trisha, get online find the number to X Factor so we can get them signed up." Everything was about to get crazy. "Babe, you come up with the best ideas ever." Harry said, whispering. "I know babe, now you guys have to find a song and start rehearsing." I know they can do this, I hope Trisha is supportive of Louis. "Ally!" "Yeah Trisha?" I asked. "This is a great idea, now they can finally show the world how great they are!" She said. "You find the number?" "You can sign up online, so I'm signing up for Louis, the rest of the boys can do it when they get here." "When are auditions?" I asked. "Three weeks." Damn, its close. They need to start rehearsing soon, I know Simon is going to love them as a group. They will get really far in this competition. I hope they are as excited as I am for them.
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