Best Friends or More?

Louis falls in love with his best friend, Trisha. And Niall falls in love with Trisha's best friend, Ally. Niall makes one mistake leaving Ally heartbroken. Harry and Ally become closer, and then something changes their whole life! Will Ally end up choosing Niall or Harry? Read and find out :) Some parts are rated R. My first fan fiction, don't hate. Leave comments! :)


44. One Direction.

Niall's POV
*At the airport.*
"I don't want you to go already, no telling how long you will be gone now. I know you're going to win, babe." Ally says, smiling but also tearing up. I just hugged her. "Babe, I'm going to call you every night. I'm going to Skype you. You are my one and only girl. I'm doing this because you have faith in all of us. You're the reason were here." She smiled when I said this. "I'm going to be watching you all, I'm your number one fan Niall. I love you." I hugged her. "I love you too, Ally." I said, then I kissed her. "I'm going to say bye to everyone, I'll e back." She said, winking. "I'll be waiting right here babe." I said, then she kissed me on my lips. "Here, hold Darcy for me. I'm saying bye to Harry first." I tensed up a little when she said this, but I remembered, she loves me. "Okay babe." 

Ally's POV
This is going be hard and a little bit awkward, I haven't talked to Harry since he has been home. He's been crying, but why? He didn't act like he even cared. "Harry?" "Oh, hey Ally." He said, trying to wipe the tears from his eyes. "Are you okay?" "Am I okay?! You took my daughter from me and now you're asking if I'm okay?!" He yelled at me. "Well, I wouldn't have taken her away if you acted like an adult." I yelled back, tears forming in my eyes. "I'm sorry Ally. I messed up, but maybe I'm not ready for a committed relationship and-" "Not ready for a committed relationship?" I asked, cutting him off. But before he could say anything, I continued. "Harry, you proposed to me. We dated for almost a year, and you're not ready for a committed relationship? We have a kid together." "And I love Darcy, but when I was at the club, I had so much fun." "Yeah, with Caroline." I said, before he could continue. He sighed. "Maybe I kind of miss her, I don't know. I don't know what I want. But what I do know is I love Darcy and I want to see her." He looked serious, and I sighed. "Come on." I said, and we walked up to Niall who was still holding Darcy. "Niall, Harry wants to see Darcy." He tensed up, but then gave Darcy to Harry. "Now, you two make up so you can win this competition. I'm going to say bye to the rest of the boys.

Harry's POV
I stood there awkwardly, holding Darcy. Thinking about the good times I had with Ally. I grew up in a house with girls, and my mother taught me how to treat girls, so why did I cheat on her? If I wasn't ready for a relationship, I never should have gotten into a relationship. "So..." Niall said, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Listen mate, I'm sorry for hurting Ally. I just talked to her. Maybe I'm not ready for a relationship. I didn't tell her this part, but I see the way she looks at you." He just looked at me. "Looks at me?" "Niall, it's not hard to see that you two are madly in love with each other. You two made mistakes, but you are looking past those mistakes. You two are truly meant to be together." It kind of pained me to say that, but i saw him smile. "Thanks Harry." Niall said, giving me a hug. "No problem, Niall." 

Ally's POV
"This hurts, saying bye once again. But for more than two weeks." I said, hugging Liam. He hugged me back. "Ally, you really are a strong girl. I'm glad that I can call you one of my best friends." I just smiled. "Do your best Liam, for me and especially for Katie." I whispered, giving him one last hug. Next, I got to say bye to Louis, my brother from another mother. "Yo! Tommo!" I yelled, walking toward him. He and Trisha started laughing. "What crackin' ADOCK?!" I love our friendship. I pulled him into a hug. "I'm going to miss our nickname calling while you're away." I said, tearing up. "I am too, Ally. You're my sister from another mister!" I started laughing. "You sure do know how to brighten the mood. Remember Louis, no matter how much you miss Trisha and the twins, don't give up! Keep trying, because you guys will go far!" "I will, Ally. I love you little sister." I hugged him one last time. "I love you big brother." Now for the last person, Zayn, my best friend. I ran to him and attacked him. "My best friend is leaving me!" I started to tear up. "I'll text you and call you every day, Ally. I'll even mention you in our video diaries." That made me smile. "Just remember, don't ever doubt yourself because you guys are great! I'll miss you, but this will be worth missing my best friend! I love you Zayn!" I said, hugging him. He hugged me back, really tight. "I love you too, Ally." "Fligjt 106 to London, now boarding." The lady said over the intercom. "I got to get get Darcy and say bye one last time to Niall, love you Zayn! Bye!" He just laughed, "Bye Ally!" I ran to Niall and hugged him tightly, "I love you so much Niall James Horan." "I love you too Allison Shawnae Dockery." I grabbed Darcy and waved at the boys as the walked onto the plane. "There goes both of your daddies." I said to Darcy. "You will love them both, they are great men." I said, as a year slid down my face. Trish and Katie came up behind me, hugging me. "Darcy will love both Niall and Harry. But don't lie to her and say Niall's her daddy when he isn't, okay Ally?" "I know Trisha, why is my life so complicated?" We all laughed. "Because life sucks sometimes." "Let's all head home, the kids are tired." I said. Then we waved as the plane took off, and we left.

*Months later.*
We are flying out to London. There are only three contestants left. One Direction, Matt Cardle, and Rebecca Ferguson. We got to go see the show. We even brought the babies, the boys are happy they get to see us, but it will be after the show. "And now, please welcome One Direction!" The crowd went wild. Our boys are already so famous, this is crazy. Me and Trisha thought the same thing. We sat in the front row, and the boys seen us and smiled. They started the song and they did amazing. Their voices together was just unbelievable. I was so sure they were going to win. Simon loves these boys. The song ended and they got good words from the judges, but they all had to come back on stage in a couple of minutes. Us girls were on the edge of our seats. The three contestants came out, and the called out the first name who was safe, and it was Matt Cardle. Us girls looked at each other in shock, we were for sure One Direction would be the first one called. Maybe they will be called next, they are really talented. "And the next contestant who is okay is..." dramatic pause. "Rebecca Ferguson." "What the hell!" Me, Trisha, and Katie all yelled. The boys looked bummed, but they still went and gave Rebecca a hug. "Any words for them Simon?" "I just want to say that they are really talented and this is just the beginning." What does that mean? "Will you guys ever stop being One Direction?" "No, we will always be One Direction." Zayn said. And after that, they all exited the stage. We went by the back stage doors and waited for them. Niall came out, tears in his eyes. Harry came out and grabbed Darcy. I hugged Niall, "It's okay babe, you guys are great and you know it." "Boys..." Simon said. "Come to my room with me." Harry handed Darcy back to me and they all followed Simon.

Louis' POV
Me and the lads were all really nervous, we didn't know what Simon wanted. "You boys are really talented, and I hope you don't let me down when I do this for you." We all looked at him. "Do you boys want to sell out arenas all around the world?" Simon asked. "Yes!" We all said in unison. "Don't let me down." Was all he said. And before I knew it, we were all signing a contract. Simon just signed us off, we were going to be famous. We all ran back to the girls. "Were going to be famous! We did it! Even if we came in third place, we actually did it!" I yelled to Trisha. She smiled and hugged me. Ally smiled and hugged Niall. Katie smiled and hugged Liam. Harry had Darcy in his arms kissing her. Ally then hugged her best friend, Zayn. We still need to find him someone. We are actually going to be famous. One Direction finally did it. I'm so proud of us boys! Let's see where we go from here...


Sequel coming soon, so keep a look out for it. It's called The Life As One Direction.
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