Best Friends or More?

Louis falls in love with his best friend, Trisha. And Niall falls in love with Trisha's best friend, Ally. Niall makes one mistake leaving Ally heartbroken. Harry and Ally become closer, and then something changes their whole life! Will Ally end up choosing Niall or Harry? Read and find out :) Some parts are rated R. My first fan fiction, don't hate. Leave comments! :)


36. Flowers.

Zayn's POV

"Of course, Ally. What's going on?" I was so worried about her. "Me and Harry got into a big fight." She was whispering really quietly, she sounded so hurt. "Over what?" "Well, Liam kissed my cheek. Just a friendly kiss, Liam would never do that to Harry. Then he accused me of having something going on with you or Liam. Then, I slapped him in the face and left... Zayn, he got in my face and scared me. I know he would never hurt me physically, but after David, it just scared me." She was now crying. "I love him, Zayn. He means everything to me. I don't want to lose him." "I know you do, Ally. Harry loves you. And he fights for what he loves." I said. "Then why isn't he-" She was cut off by a knock on the door. It was Harry. "I-Is Ally here?" "Yeah man, in the kitchen. I'll go check on Darcy." "Thanks Zayn."

Ally's POV

"When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, it just won't feel right. Cause I can love you more than this. When he lays you down, I might just die inside. It just don't feel right. Cause I can love you more than this. Can love you more than this." I turned around to see Harry with flowers in his hands and tears in his eyes. He was singing me a song. "I wrote you a song, I can't stand us being apart. Babe, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm jealous. You're just so beautiful and I don't want anyone taking you away from me. You and Darcy are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Can you forgive me?" He pleaded. I had tears in my eyes. "Oh Harry!" I yelled, running into his arms. "Of course I forgive you." I whispered and kissed him. "Will you come back home tonight?" "Yes Curly." I said, winking. Then Zayn walked in holding Darcy. "Looks like my two best friends made up. You guys should never fight! You need to be together, you guys are meant for each other." He said, smiling. "I never want to fight again." I whispered to him. "It killed me." "Babe, when you walked out that door, I thought I was going to die. So I bought you flowers and came over to apologize. I was being stubborn." "Like always!" I interrupted. Harry laughed. "Thank you for forgiving me. I hope we can be the lovers like we always have been." "I wouldn't want it any other way." I said, kissing his cheek. "Come on, let's go home." He said. "Okay. Zayn, thank you for calming me down, you are my best friend." "No problem, Ally. Bring Darcy over more often." He said, laughing.

Harry's POV

I'm glad the have the love of my life back in my arms. When we got back home, Louis was waiting for us in the living room. "Boo Bear! We're home!" I yelled. "Everything work out?" "I have her back!" I yelled, smiling. "Good. Now Harry, you need to stop being so over protective, she will not leave you for another guy. She loves you too much." "I know, I just want to cuddle with with her tonight as much as I can." I said. "I can watch Darcy with the twins if you two want some alone time." "Thank you, Louis. That would be nice. I need time with my Harry anyway." Ally said, coming in and holding Darcy. "It's already 6, so come on Harry, let's go to our room." She said, winking at me. "Boo bear, I owe you big time!" "I know, Harold!" We both laughed. I walked into mine and Ally's room and she had on some sexy lingerie. "Woah, babe. Even with the baby fat, you're still sexy. When did you get that?" "The night before Niall left, but he pissed me off so it's been in the back of the closet." "And I've never see it?!" I screamed. She laughed. "I was saving it for a special occasion." She said and winked at me. I'm so glad to have my beautiful girlfriend back in my arms. She was so beautiful, how could I be mad at her? She would never leave me, she's loved me since the beginning, and I've loved her. Tonight is going to be really special, I'm going to make sure of that. Just because we have a baby, doesn't mean our sexual relationship has to end. We are still the lovey dovey teenagers, just with a kid. And when we get alone time, I'm going to make it special for her. I heard make up sex is the best, so I hope she is ready. I can tell she is ready, wearing that sexy outfit. She wouldn't wear that just any night, she is so ready to have the best damn night of our lives. "Should I get some champagne?" "Yes babe, and meet me in the bathroom, in the jacuzzi." She said, winking. Oh yeah, tonight will be great! She is finally back in my arms, or will be later tonight. 

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