Best Friends or More?

Louis falls in love with his best friend, Trisha. And Niall falls in love with Trisha's best friend, Ally. Niall makes one mistake leaving Ally heartbroken. Harry and Ally become closer, and then something changes their whole life! Will Ally end up choosing Niall or Harry? Read and find out :) Some parts are rated R. My first fan fiction, don't hate. Leave comments! :)


34. Darcy Elizabeth Styles.

Harry's POV
It has been three months since our last doctors appointment, and Ally and I are on our way to the hospital. This is it, she is finally having my beautiful baby girl. "Harry?" "Yeah babe?" I asked. "Can you drive faster?! I'm in pain and I just want to have this baby!" She yelled. "I'm going as fast as I can babe, just do the breathing exercises they taught you at the classes. We are almost there. I promise." I said, trying to calm her down. "Did you call Zayn and the rest of the boys?" She asked. Her and Zayn have gotten really close lately, since him and Perrie broke up, again. He seems more upset this time, but I still don't like the fact he's getting close to Ally. "Yeah babe. They will be there when we get there." I hated the fact that she always wanted to talk to Zayn. I shouldn't get jealous because I know she loves me with all her heart, but I'm just a little over protective with her. "Come on, babe. We're here." I say, picking her up. "I can walk!" She yells. I just say okay, and let her walk. "Harry, I'm sorry I'm just in- OH MY GOD. GET ME A DAMN DOCTOR!" She yelled when we walked in. "I NEED. DOCTOR FOR MY GIRLFRIEND! HURRY!" He yelled at a nurse. She came out with a wheel chair and took her back to a room, I followed behind them. We got in there and her contractions were only a minute apart already. "I told Harry he should have drive faster!" She said to the nurse. "Now dear, he did his best trying to get here. Relax, we will get you an epidural and then your baby will be here in the next hour, maybe the next two. Just relax darling." The nurse said, trying to calm her down. "Babe, I'm going to see if the boys are here." "Tell Zayn and Trisha to come back here please." Why does she want him? Why am I getting so jealous? "Okay babe." I say, faking a smile.

Ally's POV
I just told Harry to go get Zayn and Trisha. Perrie broke up with Zayn and he said it was for good this time. So I was being a good friend and helping him out with this. I know what it feels like. "Okay Ally, ready for your epidurl?" The nurse asked. "Finally." I said, smiling. After she gave me the epidural. Harry, Zayn, and Trisha walked him. "Hey girl, how are you feeling?" Trisha asked. "In pain! They just gave me my epidural. Where's the twins?" "With the boys." She said, smiling. "Zayn! I'm glad you came." "Me too. You in much pain now?" He asked. "Not anymore." "Okay Ally, I don't mean to break up the party and they can stay in here, but you need to push on the count of three, okay?" "okay." I said, Harry held my right hand, Zayn held my left, and Trisha stood by Zayn holding my foot. "Okay. One... Two... Three! Push Ally!" This is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life, but I had to push for ten seconds. "Okay Ally, take a breather and we will do it again on the count of three. One.. Two... Three! Push!" I squeezed Harry and Zayn's hand this time. "Ally, I see the head, keep pushing! She's almost here!" I kept pushing until... I heard crying. I just had a baby. I had tears in my eyes. I looked at Harry and he was... Crying. Harry Styles was crying. "Harry, I did it. I had OUR baby." "I'm so proud of you babe, what should we name her?" He asked, as the nurse handed her to me. "You choose the first name, I'll pick the middle. How about that?" "okay, umm... Darcy." He said, smiling at her. "Darcy, I love it. Darcy... Elizabeth!" I said, looking at her. "Babe, that's a beautiful, just like her mother." Harry said, smiling at me. "Zayn, thank you for being here for this moment. I know I look terrible, your a great friend. Can you go get the rest of the group?" I asked. "Of course, I'll be right back." 

Trisha's POV
I can't believe Ally actually had a baby, Harry's baby. "Ally, I'm so proud of you! You've never been the one to deal with pain, but you made it through your first pregnancy." I said, smiling. "I did it for her." She said, looking at Darcy. "I'm here! Let me see my beautiful niece!" Louis yelled, running in. "Oh Lou, I'm scared to let you hold her." Ally said, jokingly. Louis fake pouted. "And I let you hold Tommy and Lottie!" "Oh get over here, Lou!" Ally said, laughing. "Wait! Who has the twins?!" Harry asked. "Niall and Zayn." "Someone my our name?" Niall and Zayn said in unison. "Niall, you came!" Ally yelled. "Well yeah, I wouldn't miss it for the world." I looked at Harry and he seemed tense. "Harry, can I talk to you in the hall?" "Yeah, sure." He said, kissing Ally's forehead. "What is going on?" "What do you mean?" He asked. "You look all tense." I said, he just looked down. "I'm... Jealous." "Of what? Niall?" "And Zayn." He said. "Why? Ally loves you, Harry." "I know, but she dated Niall and she's getting close to Zayn." "Harry, she needs friends, not just a boyfriend. She would never cheat on you or hurt you. Trust her." "I do trust her." "Do you? Or are you thinking she will cheat because she slept with you when she was dating Niall." I said, looking into his eyes. "We we're drunk." "Exactly, drunk. But she also had feelings for you. Harry, you have a child with her. Now grow up and trust her. She will not let you down." And with that said, I walked back into the room. And Ally was sleeping. "Come on, Louis. Get Tommy, I'll get Lottie. Ally needs we rest." I whispered. "Here Zayn." Louis whispered, giving Darcy to him. Then as we were leaving, Harry walked in.

Harry's POV
I walked in as Louis and Trisha were leaving. "Bye mate, see you later." "bye bro." I said, hugging him. When I walked around the corner, Zayb had Darcy. Niall was sitting in the chair, and Ally was asleep. I needed to trust her, after what Trisha said to me, I knew I could trust Ally. I walked over to Zayn. "Can I hold my baby girl, I haven't gotten to yet?" I asked, smiling at him. "Pf course. Oh, and she is a beautiful little girl, I got to go anyway." He said, all of a sudden. "Where are you going?" "I know you didn't like that me and Ally were hanging out so much, but the reason were is because..." He paused, anger went through my body. Did has cheat?! "She set me up with her best friend, Hayley. She is gorgeous. Bro, I don't want you mad at me for hanging out with Ally, but she is one of my closest friends." "I'm not mad man, she's a great girl and I'm just protective of her." I said, smiling. "I know, congrats on the little booger. Bye man." "See you later!" And with that he left, see I have nothing to worry about. Then I look up to see Niall, ex boyfriend. Jealousy shot through my body, again. "I got to go too! Congrats on Darcy man." "Going to see Kendra?" "Yeah, man I love her." He said, smiling. I knew he was telling the truth, and I was happy for him. "See you later, man." "Bye Harry, tell Ally I said me and Kendra will stop by when she gets home." "okay man, bye." And with that said, Niall left. Now it was just me, Ally, and Darcy. Our family. I want us to actually be a family, and soon. I think I might propose to her. I love her to the moon and back. 
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