Best Friends or More?

Louis falls in love with his best friend, Trisha. And Niall falls in love with Trisha's best friend, Ally. Niall makes one mistake leaving Ally heartbroken. Harry and Ally become closer, and then something changes their whole life! Will Ally end up choosing Niall or Harry? Read and find out :) Some parts are rated R. My first fan fiction, don't hate. Leave comments! :)


21. Break up.

Ally's POV

"I love you." What did he just say, he loves me? I just stared at him, wide eyes. My jaw dropped, and I was speechless. I did not see that coming. "You... You love me?" I ask, stuttering a bit. "Yeah, Ally I really do. And I'll do anything to make you mine. You shouldn't be crying, you should be smiling and laughing with me." He says to me. I really do like Harry, I mean I slept with him. But I'm with Niall, but he cheated on me. Or he was cheating on me right now. "I need to talk to Trisha, I need-" "She and Louis are on a plane and on their way here." Harry said, interrupting me. "Ally, I'll be here for you, always. I just don't want to see you hurt, especially by Niall..." He was interrupted by my phone ringing. "It's Niall." I say, answering it. "Hello?" "Hey babe." "Why didn't you call me or Atleast text me last night?" "My mum was not doing well at all." "So how's she doing, what have the doctors said?" I ask Niall, waiting for a lie. "Well, uhhh..." "Uhhh nothing. You fucking went there to cheat on me, Niall! Have fun with your slutty ex girlfriend, and I felt bad for what happened last night! We're over, Niall." "Ally! No, please. I came here to see her yes, but to see if I still loved her." "And do you?" "Yes, but that doesn't mean I will get back with her." "Did you have sex with her?" The other end of the line was silent. "Niall. James. Horan." "Yes Ally, I did." "I got wasted last night, and slept with Harry. I woke up regretting it, but now I don't. Niall, we can be friends, but we are over!" I yelled and hung up the phone. "Harry, I'm sorry that I went and told him. I think he knows you told me, I just couldn't take it anymore. I'm going to pack my things, and go to a guest bed room." I say, crying. He just hugged me and held me tight. "You can stay with me, if you want to." He says, lifting up my chin and looking into my eyes. "Really?" "Of course!" He says smiling. Maybe I do love him.

Trisha's POV

The whole plane ride back to London I asked Lou what Harry had said, but he just wouldn't tell me. Typical Louis. We finally arrived at the airport, I hate plane rides. They are so long. We got out luggage and headed to the car. "Lou?" "Yes love?" He asked. "Can you tell me now?" I whined. He just laughed. "Can you wait like twenty minutes, we will be home shortly then we will tell you." "Okay." I said, and frowned. "Don't do that, love." He said, then kissed me. When we got to the flat, I walked in to see Ally in Harry's arms. "What's going on here?" I ask. They just smiled. "Louis, is this what you wouldn't tell me?" "What's going on here, Hazza?" Louis asked. "Well you know what I told you earlier?" "What did he tell you?" I ask. "I wouldn't tell Trisha until we got here. Well Trisha, Niall's mum was not in a car accident. In fact, she is perfectly fine! His ex girlfriend called him wanting him back, and he went back there to see if he still had feelings for her." Louis said. "So, he's cheating on her?" "Well, he called Ally right before you two got here. He told Ally his mum was doing bad last night. And when Ally asked what the doctors said, he had no answer. He confessed to going and seeing his ex and he had sex with her. And Ally felt guilty for what we done." Harry said. I can't believe Niall did that, wait what did he say?! "Guilty? What happened?" "Well Harry took me out, I got wasted, you know me. We ended up having sex. I don't regret it now. Me and Niall are broken up and I'm staying with Harry." She said smiling. I think her and Harry would be better off anyway. He absolutely adores her. He would never hurt her, especially not like Niall did. "Well I'm glad you stood up for yourself Ally, you've always been strong." "Thanks Trisha." Well this is totally great, that is if Ally and Harry make it official. We could get our own flat. Just me, Ally, Louis, and Harry. I'm just afraid what drama we will have in two weeks when everyone comes home. Oh boy. 

A/N: please leave me comments and tell me how I'm doing. Remember this is my first fan fiction so it may not be the best. Thank you!
- Ally. 
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