Best Friends or More?

Louis falls in love with his best friend, Trisha. And Niall falls in love with Trisha's best friend, Ally. Niall makes one mistake leaving Ally heartbroken. Harry and Ally become closer, and then something changes their whole life! Will Ally end up choosing Niall or Harry? Read and find out :) Some parts are rated R. My first fan fiction, don't hate. Leave comments! :)


1. Birthday.

Trisha's POV

"Louis, stop tickling me!" I yelled. But he just kept tickling me. He is my best friend, and I promised myself that he always would be. That day was the best day of my life. He came to over bright and early to wake me up and take me out, since it's my 18th birthday. He is twenty, soon to be twenty one. He is my all time best friend, and has been since I was thirteen, and he was sixteen. I didn't want my brithday to end, he ended up taking me to the park all day long. He brought me back home and told me to put on something nice. I went and put on my short black dress and my black stilletos, and went back downstairs. I walked into the kitchen to find him at the table with a candle light dinner awaiting me. "You look beautiful, Trisha." Of course I start blushing when he tells me that. "You don't look bad yourself, Mr. Tomlinson." We both laughed, I loved seeing him laugh and smile. He has been going through a rough time since Eleanor cheated on him. It's been three months, and he hasn't dated anyone, but I'm kind of glad because I've loved him since the first day we met. And she didn't deserve a guy like Louis anyway, he's way too good for her. "So, ready to eat love?" He asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. "I thought you'd never ask." We both laughed. He knows I love my food. "Louis, you really didn;t have to do all this, although I'm surprised you didn't burn down my kitchen." He laughed. "Trisha, you are my best friend, of course I'm going to do anything to make your eighteenth birthday the best day ever." "But you just being with me makes my day great!" I said. "Yeah, but I'm with you everyday, I want to make this day special." I could feel my cheeks burning. "Shall we did in?" I asked nervously. "Haha, yes. Any why do nervous, love?" How could he tell? He knew me so well. I love this boy! All of a sudden I feel a hand take mine, I look down and he took my hand in his. "I need to tell you something, Trisha." He has a serious look on his face. "Go on." I say nervously. "How do I say this without things being awkward?" He asks. "Louis William Tomlinson, you can tell me anything. Now spill it mister!" He laughs. "Okay, well Trisha, I love you so much. I have since the first day I met you, but I didn't know if you felt the same way. So I tried dating and you know where that got me, hurt. When Eleanor cheated on me, you were there for me and I'm glad. But, when I was with her, all I thought about was you. It's always been you. I can't go another day without you being mine." My jaw dropped and I froze. "Well say something please." He says nervously. "I-I-I love you too, Lou." I stutter. "You do?" He asks. "Of course I do, how could I not? I love spending everyday with you, but cry myself to sleep at night. All I ever want to be is your girl." I say, practically yelling. "So, you'll be my girlfriend then?" He asks. "Of course I will, Louis." Then he kisses me passionately. "I love you, Patricia." "I love you too, Lou."

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