Rollercoaster ride

It's the end of the school year and beccy, lauren and vanessa are spending the holiday together. But what happens when they meet One Direction allong the way? Will they fall in love just stay friends?


22. Troubles

A/N Hey guyss, I really appreciate all your support but I saw that some of you removed this movella from their favorites and was just wondering why, and what I van do to make my story better??!!

Melisa's POV
I already liked Liam, a lot. But I didn't want to rush into things, I only just broek up with my ex, and we were together for 15 months, so I'm not looking for anyone else yet!

We all wanted to play twister, I love playing Twister.

"Soo who is going to spin the first round?" Cami asked.
"Shotgun not me!" Louis screamed and we laughed.

I wish I was as outgoing as them around new people...

" I'll do it." Liam offered. That's what I like about Liam, he's more like me, calmer but still a lot of fun to be around.

"Allright so Lets get started!" Harry said excitedly.

"Left foot on red." Was Liams first order.
"Right foot on blue." He continued. We were all almost doing the split.

We played about three rounds and I won One of them. I am a cheerleader so yeah, that helps. The other rounds Harry won, but he just tickled everyone until they fell.

"Well played curly." I said to Harry. He Took a bow and thanked me.

Harry's POV
Curly, I didn't always like that nickname but for some reason I didn't mind when she said it. Of course I didn't like Melisa but I had a feeling we were going to be great friends. At first I thought she was shy but after we talked after playing Twister you could see she started to open up.

I saw Beccy and Zayn making out in the corner of the room and decided to look where Vanessa was. I saw her in the kitchen talking to Cami, I went over to her and whispered in her ear:" meet me in your room" with a wink. She smiled and immediately said to Cami:" I'm sorry I've gotta go" with a big smile. Cami understood what was going on.

"So is there anything you want to tell me?" Vanessa asked.
"Well, I know your birthday is in two days, as I was wondering what you would like?" I asked with a smile.
"Wait, how do you know it's my birthday in two days?" She asked confused.
"Allright you got me, I'm from the future." I said as serious as possible.
She laughed a bit but of course didnt believe any of it. "No seriously?"
"Facebook" I said this time telling the truth.
"Ooh okay, well I don't need anything, your the only thing I need." She answered. Awhh. I gave her a quick kiss and she pulled me back to her and started Kissing me again. Our kissed were always slow and passionate. I was now lying on the bed, with Vanessa on top of me. I think I love her.

I pulled away. "Vanessa, I need to tell you something." She got off me and sat besides me on the bed.
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