Rollercoaster ride

It's the end of the school year and beccy, lauren and vanessa are spending the holiday together. But what happens when they meet One Direction allong the way? Will they fall in love just stay friends?


27. the concert

Cami's POV
OMG! I can't believe we are actually in a limousine right now on our way to Ed Sheeran's concert! this is so unbelievable!

the boys said it would take about half an hour to get there, so that's fine.

I was sitting next to Louis and Zayn. Zayn sat across from Beccy but they were making out most of the time. LouiS and I were just fooling around. but then he did something unexpected. Weird. 'Auuw. Louiiisss why did ya do that?' I asked really wanting to know what his reason was to bite my arm.' well Cami, I did it because... I like you!' he responded in a calm voice. ' I like you too Louis.' we then started fooling around again. But I actually really wanted him to ask me to be his girlfriend, but he didn't.

Louis' POV

OMG! you are such a stupid, dumb, stupid little boy aren't you. You tell her that you like her, she says it back, but then you havent got the guts to ask her to be your girlfriend?!! whyy?? Well, maybe it was a good thing I hadn't asked her yet. Now I can make it special!

'Harry was sitting next to Vanessa but didn't say a word. I could see Vanessa looking at him a few times, worried about him.

'we're hereeeee!!!!' I yelled.

'Waaghhhaaahhh I can't believe we're actually going to Ed Sheeran's concert!! I love him!!'

Liam's POV

Ahh. Melisa was just soo cute. I couldn't stop thinking about her. Maybe I should ask someone to find out if she likes me back. I don't wanna get hurt.

I Took Niall to the side. 'Hey mate, I was wondering... could you like find out if Melisa likes me?' I asked him. 'Ooeehh some ones in loveee!' He was having so much fun, I'll let him do what he wants.

I already saw that Niall was walking towards Melisa. I really hope she likes me back. she's just so sweet and kind, af beautiful.

Melisa's POV

'Heyy Niall!' I said as he came walking up to me. 'Hii babe! I was just wondering: is there Someone that you like right now, you know have a crush on?' he asked me. ooh what to doo, should I just say I like Liam? but wait:'Why do you wanna know?!' I asked. I know that Niall Will probably tell why cause hes just like that. 'Well... Liam really likes you And he asked me if I could find out if you like him back. OMG he likes me back!

I am waiting for him to ask me though, I don't have the nerves to ask him.
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