Rollercoaster ride

It's the end of the school year and beccy, lauren and vanessa are spending the holiday together. But what happens when they meet One Direction allong the way? Will they fall in love just stay friends?


25. Swapping places

Harry's POV
It was already late so we all decided to go to bed. We all said goodnight and Vanessa and I went to bed together. We all decided to change sleepingspots since some of us had slept on the floor every night:( We agreed that Cami would sleep in her own room with Louis sleeping on her couch since they were already getting along really well. Melisa would sleep in her own room together with Lauren. I could see that Liam was dissapointed that he didn't get to sleep in Melisa's room. Naill and Liam got to sleep in the guest room cause they have slept on the floor the past couple of days, and Zayn, Beccy, Vanessa and I had to sleep on te floor or on the couch in the livingroom.

Ooh I just remembered it's her birthday and I still need to think of something. I actually already had an idea but I wanted it to be perfect. I think she's the one.

I also still had to think of a present. We were going to throw her a surprise party and I had another surprise in store for her too, but hadn't thought of a present yet. Maybe a necklace? No not original enough... Uhm what about diamond One though?? Noo think more outside of the box, c'mon Harry.
I was having a conversation with myself. Well I'll think of something tomorrow, I'm to tired now.

Me and Vanessa kissed a couple of minutes, just passionate slow kisses. I still got butterflies everytime our lips met.

Liams POV
I really started to grow feelings for Melisa. I haven´t talked to her that much but there´s just something about her... that makes her special. I'll let her know how i feel about her, but not yet. I dont want to rush into things.

I woke up first of everyone quickly followed by Melisa. She even looked beautiful in the morning. I walked over to the kitchen asking if she wanted anything to eat. She nodded but followed me to the kitchen and started preparing her own food. I was too lazy to make something so I just Took some milk and cereal and poored it in a bowl, she did the same. we walked to the table together not saying much and both sat down.
I really need o take this opportunity to get to know her better, you know while we are still alone.
I found out we are pretty alike. I only started to grow feelings for er even more.

Melisa's POV
I can't be falling for him already, I only just broke up with my last boyfriend. but being with him just felt so right, I know stupid to say but it was true.

Liam offered to make my breakfast but I ignored it, I can take care of myself ;p it was really a good time talking to him.

By now everyone had joined us except for Harry. we were all just having breakfast or watching tv. I really didn't have the feeling anymore that I was in the Same room as One Direction, they were just so down to earth you know.

A/N heey guys I know I havent updated anything in quite a while but I had a lot of tests for school and have been sick the last couple of days so yeahh, that's why. I know this isn't a long chapter but I just havent pistes anything in such a long time I thought I just had to, even if it was a short chapter so here it is^^^^ but you've probably just read the chapter so I don't really need to point it out to you;p lawl pleasee help reach the 2000 views!! that would be really amazayn! Thanks so much guyss xxx
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