Rollercoaster ride

It's the end of the school year and beccy, lauren and vanessa are spending the holiday together. But what happens when they meet One Direction allong the way? Will they fall in love just stay friends?


11. Results

Okaayyy so here are the results from the girlfriend search.
Louis' gf Will be ........Cami. She is 5'5 had hazel eyes, blond hair with brunette streaks. She lives carrots and her favorite colour is purple. She's also great to be around and funny.
Liam's girlfriend Will be....... Melisa. She has brown wavy hair an brown eyes. She loves having fun. When you first meet het you'll think she's kind of shy but once you get to know her she's a lot of fun to be around.
And then their is One small part and that is for Ninja_OfTheWolfEclipse11 with the name Leigh because I really apreciated her comment. I won't tell you who Shell be but you'll soon find out
Thanks a lot all of you for reading my movella! It means a lot to me!! Xx
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