Rollercoaster ride

It's the end of the school year and beccy, lauren and vanessa are spending the holiday together. But what happens when they meet One Direction allong the way? Will they fall in love just stay friends?


19. Payback

Liam's POV
I woke up to Harry screaming so I quickly ran over to his room to see what was wrong, he had his head burried under the covers. Was he crying? By now everyone had gathered in their room except for Louis, he slept through everything.

Zayn pulled the covers off of Harry and there he was, almost balled, well not really of course, it was obvious he was wearing a wig. Everyone was laughing so hard, and Harry was just angry that they made him think his beautiful curls were gone. Then Zayn turned around and I was seriously rolling on the floor laughing. The funny thing was that he didn't know why I was laughing this much. " check yourself out in a mirror and you'll see why I'm laughing." I said to him which gave him a worried look as he ran to a mirror. He screamed too.

Now everyone ran to the bathroom where Zayn is looking at his face which is covered in makeup.

Louis would have loved to see this! It's good he didn't actually, it could give him inspiration.
I decided to wake Louis up together with Harry. We were about to jump on him but then we saw a yellowish fluid next to him and on his trousers. Had he wet himself?

Me and Harry shook Loyis until he woke up and he immediately began to laugh. Me and Harry looked at each other confused. "What's so funny?" Harry asked. "Can't you see that this is a prank? The yellowish liquid is applejuice, trust me I know these things!" He said still laughing. Now I get it, Someone has been pranking Harry, Louis and Zayn. I wonder who.

We went back to the others where I saw Niall and Lauren laughing this all to much, they probably did it.

I told all the boys except Niall that Niall and Lauren had done it, and we wanted revenge. We had a great idea, we would all them over to the kitchen and then when they open the door we'll throw multiple whiped-Cream pies at them.

Lauren POV
"They don't ecpect a thing" Niall said to me while we were both enjoying this all so much. Ooh we were good! Then we heard Liam call us, so we walked to the kitchen together. Big mistake, when we opened the door we got like 10 whipedcream pies thrown at us. I guess we deserved that.

"Yoo Lets go out to eat tonight?!" Harry suggested to all of us. I loved going to restaurants, looking nice, great food! Everyone agreed who was in the kitchen so we decided to tell the others. " well then we HAVE to o shopping first!" Beccy stated. I didn't mind, I love shopping. We decided to go straight away. We told the boys we were going but they had to Stay inside because of the paparazzi.

********3hours later- Beccy's POV*********
We finally found the right dresses. The boys told us we were going to a really fancy place so we had to look good. I got a long light blue dress which went over One shoulder. Vanessa got a short red sexy dress, she was probably trying to impress Harry. Lauren got a gold shiny short dress with a low v-neck and Leigh had a white beautiful detailed dress that came to her mid-thighs. We were all really happy and couldn't wait to show the boys.

When we got back the first thing the boys said was "show us the dresses!" We all nodded our heads and said that's have to wait till tonight. They didn't like that answer.

It was already 6 o'clock and we were leaving at 7 so me and the girls all decided to get ready. We put on our dresses, did each others hair and make-up, picked out highheels AMD accessories. We were done just on time and when we went down stairs all the boys' mouths dropped.
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