Rollercoaster ride

It's the end of the school year and beccy, lauren and vanessa are spending the holiday together. But what happens when they meet One Direction allong the way? Will they fall in love just stay friends?


9. My guy

After the haunted house (Vanessa's POV)

Well that wasnt scary at all! I couldn't even hear Beccy scream, which says a lot. Harry and I were the first ones to get out of the haunted house. Then came Lauren and Niall, followed by Liam and Louis.we were now all waiting for Beccy and Zayn. " there they are! Wait, are they... Kissing?!?" I asked the others so they could confirm what I thought I just saw. They all nodded with huge grins on their faces. OMG I can't believe this. Maybe that's why I couldn't hear her scream, she was too busy making out with Zayn. Beccy's POV oh my god! Best haunted house everr! At first I was scared but Zayn immediately comforted me. Then near the end when I looked up at him it happened. Zayn kissed me! It was great I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. ****** 3 hours later******** Niall's POV Today was a great day. Lauren, Vanessa and Beccy are all really Nice and I'm glad we met them. I also think I'm starting to get feelings for her. I just love her cute laugh, and those beautiful eyes. But I know I have to keep my feelings a secret. It's obvious that she's interested in Louis. They also have a lot in common, theyre both really funny and outgoing and both like the same things. Oh my god, I'm so hungry! " I'm hungry let's get something to eat!" I shouted. It was already 6:30pm so the others were probably hungry too. Then I heard Laurens beautiful voice:" let me guess... You want to go to Nando's?" Everyone laughed but the only thing I was thinking about was how she knew that I wanted to go to Nando's. Anyway I probably shouldn't ask because then they would probably all think I was stupid for not understanding.


Beccy's POV

We decided to all go back to our house and have a movie night. We were staying with two of my friends who live here. They're in Spain now, on holiday but they'll come back in two days. I know they are big One Direction fans too so I can't wait to see their faces once we tell them what happened. Theyre called Cami and Melisa. I used to visite them a lot, but I havent the last year so it Will be great hanging out with them and my two best friends. When we were done eating, we split into two groups who would drive back to the house together. I was with Zayn, we both sat in the back, and Liam and Louis sat in the passenger seats. Zayn and I haven't really talked with just the two of us. Maybe hè doesn't really like me but just got cought up in the moment?! I decided to ask him what was the case:"Zayn, I want to know if you really like me or if you just kissed me to get me to stop being scared ir something like that. Because I really like you and..." He cut me off, but not by Kissing me, noo. Instead het Took my hand, looked straight into my eyes and said the folowing: Beccy, I know I only met you a few hours ago I've really falen for you and I just can't hold it any longer! Beccy Will you be my girlfriend?" OMG Beccy just Stay calm. You can do this. What should I say? I was speechless so I just eagerly with a huge grin on my face and then I kissed him and hè kissed me back. It was different than the kiss from before. This One had more meaning. Fireworks were everywhere. We parted and both smiled at each other. We only just met but I think I already love this guy. MY guy. My boyfriend Zayn Malik

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