Rollercoaster ride

It's the end of the school year and beccy, lauren and vanessa are spending the holiday together. But what happens when they meet One Direction allong the way? Will they fall in love just stay friends?


12. good and bad times

"Harry, wow, this is so unexpected... I mean we only met today. But I've already fallen for you, so yes Harry of course I'll be your girlfriend!"; I lifted her up and spun her around. This day couldn't get any better. We went back to the livingroom where all the others were watching a movie and eating popcorn, and we told them the good news. ";Oh by the way, is it OK if me and the boys stay a night or two. there are paparazzi waiting for us outside and we don't want them to know that you're friends with us cause then they'll never leave you alone."; i sais hoping they would be ok with it. I wouldn't mind if we had to stay here tonight and maybe even the night after, I would actually like it. ";Yeah sure, but two of Beccy's friends who own this place are coming back from Spain the day after tomorrow just so you know."; Lauren replied. Yes, I was going to spend the entire night with Vanessa. I nodded my head as to say that I don't mind Beccy's friend meeting us. "Oh and guys is it okay if I invite one of my old friends who also lives in London to join us tonight?" Lauren asked everyone. Everyone nodded and said that it was fine. " ;Is she a fan of us?" Liam asked. "Yeahh, she likes your music, but she's not like Beccy! ohh and her name is Leigh." We all laughed at the Beccy comment.

We were in the middle of the movie when the doorbeel rang. "Leigh!!"; I heard Lauren shout when she opened the front door and saw who it was. She then came back with a girl who was very pretty if I may say so, but not as beautiful as Vanessa. I could see the fear in Zayn's eyes when Leigh and him made eye contact. I don't know what was going on between those two but I'll soon find out.

We all introduced ourselves except for Zayn so I decided to take him to another room and ask him what is wrong. ";Hey mate, what's up?" I asked and i saw that he hesitated if he should tell me. "C'mon, you know you can tell me anything." i tried to make him tell me and he did: "Allright, well I know Leigh, I've known her for years. Before I went to the X-factor we used to be best friends, but when I left to go to the X-facter we never spoke each other again. Once, when we had a week off work I decided to go to her house, you know, to catch up annd stuff. Her parents told me that she moved to London to get away from all our memories. And then they told me that... that she's had a crush on me and that she was very upset about me leaving."; Zayn said with tears falling down his cheeks. He really cares about this girl, I could tell. I feel so sorry for him. "Zayn,it's not your fault, you couldn't have known." I tried to comfort him. He replied "But that doesn't mean I had to not cantact her ever again. She was my best friend!" I didn't know what to say back because I knew he was right, so I suggested we go back to the others.he agreed but still looked worried. Zayn's POV When I saw my best friend, uhh I mean my ex-best friend walk through the door, my heard stopped. I couldn't go talk to her, not after all I've done to her, she probably hates me now. But Harry was right, I would have to face her at some point. She needs to know that I still care about her and how sorry I am for everything I did to hurt her. Leigh's POV After everyone introduced themselves to me , I Took Lauren apart. " why is One Direction here?" I asked a bit frustrated. I like their music, I have to admit, but their is One certain member that I don't like, who broke my heart. " I thought I would surprise you. We met then this sfternoon at the theme park and we really hit it off so now they are here. I thought you would be going crazy right now. Why aren't you screaming?" She asked confused. Oh that's right, I never told er the story. Well I guess now was the right time to tell her. After I told her everything I saw sympathie in her eyes. " Uhmm , Leigh, I have to tell you something and I don't think you're going to like this..." Lauren said. Oh noo what was she going to say? Was it about Zayn? Did she like him? I nodded as a sign for her to go on with what she was saying " well... Uhh... I don't know how I should tell you this but... Here it goes: Zayn asked Beccy to be his girlfriend and she said yes." Okay Leigh, don't cry, he is not worth it. You don't care about Zayn, you're moved on. I was holding back the tears. I just hope he doesn't break Beccy's heart too, she Deens like a really Nice and sweet girl. " it's okay,Thanks for telling me so I don't find out by seeing them make out or something." I tried to say with a smile on my face but I failed and Lauren noticed. " are you sure you still want to spend the night here? I can drive you home if you want?" Lauren asked concerned. I said I was fine and we went back to the others who were all sitting on the couch or on the floor watching a movie. Just then Zayn and Harry came out of another room. I could see Zayn had been crying, well he should be, he hurt me a lot. He saw me looking at him and I looked away as fast as possible. In the split second I saw his eyes I could see how sorry he was. That he doesn't like me more than friends, I don't mind, that's not something that you can decide but the fact that he never called or texted me! Not once!! I didn't want to talk to him right now, we can talk later. Right now I am too emotional. After the movie --- Zayn's POV Leigh walked over to me, I tried looking away but he grabbel my arm and told me to follow Ger and that we needed to talk. It was probably going to be her telling at me instead of us talking. We went into a bedroom and sat next to each other on the bed. Then she said something but it was more a whisper than a yell:" there is just One thing I need to know from you Zayn. Could you please just tell me: why didn't you ever call or text me when you were gone?" She asked , her eyes filling up with tears. This was so hard, I gate to see her cry. She deserved to know my answer, the reading why I hurt her. " well because I thought that everytime I would call you and hear your voice I was just going to Miss you more and more, and then once when we had a break I went to visite you because I missed you so much but then your parents said you moved and... I love you Leigh, you're like my sister. I am so sorry for everything I've ever done that hurt you. You mean so much to me. Please, I know this is a lot to ask but please would youforgive me? I understand if you need some time to think about it just please give me another chance?" I said, only now noticing that I was crying like a baby.

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