Rollercoaster ride

It's the end of the school year and beccy, lauren and vanessa are spending the holiday together. But what happens when they meet One Direction allong the way? Will they fall in love just stay friends?


24. Ed sheeran

Zayn's POV
We are dinner. Pizza!! I love pizza!
"So, Lets do something fun tomorrow!!" I suggested, since we now know we are staying here for a week.
"Yeaah but what?" Melisa said excited.
I knew Louis would come up with an idea, because e is always the One that comes up with crazy things to do!
"Uhmm... What about we go to the Ed sheeran concert that's tomorrow?!" Louis said as I had expected. All the girls looked at him with strange looks.
"Uhh, you know we don't have tickets to his concert right?!" Lauren asked.
"I think he means they can get us in cause they're One Direction." Cami said understanding Louis. They would make a really cute couple. I could see Louis liked her too by the way he krot glancing at her.
"Woooooohooooo that would be so great!" Lauren spoke again now understanding what Louis meant.
"But then what are we going to do tomorrow sfternoon because the concert starts at 8pm?" Harry added. He was wright, we still had a hole day left.
"We'll see, we can just chill and watch movies and play games too." I said, not Caring if we just Stay in tomorrow except for the concert.

Liam went in an other room to call Ed Sheeran about our idea.
"Lets play strip poker!" Of course Harry was te One who suggested to play that game.

Melisa's POV
Normally id hate games which invulde stripping and stuff like that but I'm a master at poker so I didn't really mind.

I won the first round, easier than expected. I was happy about that, I really didn't want to strip. Vanessa lost and Took of her socks.
The next round i didn't win, Louis did. Grrr. At least I didn't lose, that was Harry. Although I don't think he seemed to mind since he Took off his shirt.

We played about 6 rounds and then got tired of the game. I didn't lose any of them. Vanessa lost twice, Harry lost three times and Zayn lost once. Zayn Took of his jacket, Vanessa Took off her socks and longsleeved too but she still had One with short sleeves underneath, and Harry took off his shirt socks and pants. Haha. Well to be honest he had a nice body but I would have liked it more if it was Liam who kost three times.

I really liked him. But I shouldn't, he won't like a girl like me.

Cami's POV
Haha strippoker was quite funny actually. I'm glad I don't suck at poker like Harry.

Every once in a while I would catch Louis staring at me. Why? Did I have something on my back or in my hair? Anyway I actually really hope that e would like me. I know it's a bit stupid to say but I think we would make a good couple. Even though I've only known him a few hours I feel like I've known him for weeks, not years that's a but overexagerated.

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