Rollercoaster ride

It's the end of the school year and beccy, lauren and vanessa are spending the holiday together. But what happens when they meet One Direction allong the way? Will they fall in love just stay friends?


21. At the airport

Beccy's POV
I slept like a baby :) probably cause I slept on Zayn's chest ;p! Yaayy Melisa and Cami are coming today, I've missed them soo much!!

I looked at the alarm clock, shit it was already 12:30!! And I have to go collect Cami and Melisa from the airport at 1:30.

I decided to go and see who was awake besides me. I walked to the kitchen and saw that the only other person awake was Liam.
"Goodm morning!" I said cheerfully.
"Goodmorning love, I see someone's in a good mood!" He replied with a smile.
" Hey you wanna come with me and Zayn to collect Melisa and Cami from the airport?"

Liam's POV
"Yeahh sure!" I replied looking forward to meeting them.
"Allright we'll leave at 1:30, is that okay?"
"Ohyeah sure no problem!" I replied with a little smile.

I'm going to get dressed" I announced to Beccy. She nodded her head and told me she was going to wake up Zayn.

I was getting dressed wen a few minutes later I heard a koud groan and laughing so I went to look what was going on.
"Uhmm Beccy, why is Zayn soaking wet?" I asked laughing at the sight of him.
"Well... He didn't wake up... I tried everything... So I threw ice water oer him and it worked!" She said proud and between laughs. Zayn was laughing about it too know.

"C'mon guys, it's 1:25 Lets goo!" I said wanting to be on time. "Yeah yeah we're coming" Beccy said.

*****at the airport*****

We were waiting for Melisa and Cami to arrive. There were already quite a lot of people coming through the doors and I was getting curious. Just when I looked away I heard Bwccy scream and run towards two girls. They were both really beautiful but especially the one with beautiful brown wavy hair, I'm guessing from what I heard Beccy scream her name was Melisa.

I walked over to the girls to introduce myself, I was wearing sunglasses and a hoodie so I wouldnt get recognized so they also would probably not know who I was.

We introduced ourselves and went to the Starbucks. We started talking and I found out me and Melisa had quite a lot in common, although she was quite shy in the beginning. They were both really nice! And I think Louis would get on really good with Cami! She's really funny and also the kind of girl Louis would fall for.

We were all done with our drinkt and decided to go home.

It was quite warm in the car so I decided to take off my hoodie and useless sunglasses.zayn des the same. "Uhmm, Beccy why are Zayn Malik and Liam Payne from One Direction in your car?" Cami asked trying to Stay calm.

"Well, I thought it would be fun to surprise you guys. We met all five of them at a themepark we went to and they stayed at your place cause there was paparazzi outside, so here they are!" Beccy answered with a big smile.
"So all of the members are at our house right now?" She said slightly freaking out.
"Yepp, oh and Zayn is my boyfriend, and Harry and Vanessa are together too!" Beccy said and immediately Melisa and Cami started screaming excitedly. I thought it was quite amusing.

"We are here!" I said.

The car ride was cool, we all talked alot and stuff.

I opened the front door and Louis, Niall and Harry basically attacked me. They all introduced themselves to Cami and Melisa. Cami an Louis were hitting it off straight away, I could see. Louis looked at me for One second and winked, haha.

We all went to the livingroom and decided to play a game!
"Twister!!!" Vanessa yelled.
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