How to fall in love

This is a One Direction fan fiction more towards Niall. Its about a girl that moves to England and thanks to her crazy One Direction fan sister meets One Direction. She quickly falls for Niall. But Niall isnt the only boy on her mind... What about her old best friend shane? Natalie has to chose between the boy shes secretly loved her whole life, or Niall Horan. She may never see Shane again. Which one will she pick?


12. Too good to be true?

*Harrys POV*

I finished up in the bathroom, and went to go tell Niall. I don't see why he's making such a big deal out of this stupid date. I'm not obcessing over my date with Candace. Sure I like her, a lot to be honest. But it's just a date.

I walked into the kitchen, (the best place to find Niall), sure enough he was in there. He was stairing at his phone with a look of sadness on his face. "Hey mate I'm done in the bathroom... You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah," he sniffled, "I... I'm fine." He was close to tears, I could tell. This isn't good.....

"What's wrong?" I asked sitting on the counter.

"Nothing. Natalie just rainchecked on our date tonight. It's probably nothing." he smiled trying to pull himself together. She canceled on Niall? This girl is going to fucking get it! Does she not get that Niall is sensitive! He gets hurt so easily! How could she do this?! My anger was building very quickly, and Niall knew it. "Harry, it's fine. Really. Don't worry about it." Then he walked out.


*Natalies POV*

I feel so bad. But I don't know what I could've done. I think Niall understands though. I felt my cell vibrate in my pocket.

"Hey Nate... I'm really sorry for yelling at you.


My heart literaly stopped. What does Shane want?! I'm trying to get over him, why does he have to appear again?! But I can't not answer.

"Hey Shane. It's fine...... I'm sorry but I still can't tell you.


"It's fine. I understand. Some things are just personal. I'm sorry I tried to pressure you to tell me.


"It's fine. Really. Don't worry bout it.


I can't believe we made up! This is perfect! I ran to Candaces room, and banged on her door. She opened it seconds later. "Yesss," she asked.

"Me and Shane... We made up!!!" I screamed happily. She smiled back at me.

"Oh Nate I'm so happy for you!!!" She pulled me into a semi awkward hug. I guess things are going to be alright after all.


*Candaces POV*

I told Harry to meet me at the 73rd street bar, to pick me up. But when he got there we ended up just getting a drink there. He looked as perfect as ever. His brown curly hair fell perfectly into his shinning green eyes. It took all my will power not to reach out and touch it. He had a Led Z tee-shirt and a black blazer on. And to top it off he had black skinny jeans on.

I felt like I was living inside one of those fan fictions I loved to read. But this time it was real. It wasn't just a story written behind someone hiding behind a computer. It was my real life. And I was loving every second of it.

"So, Candace, what do you like to do with your free time?" Harry asked. I coudn't tell him what I really did with my free time. He couldn't know that I spent all my free time on them. Listening to their music. Stalking their twitters. Watching the video diaries over and over again. So naturally I lied.

"I'm a.... writter," when you think about it, it's not really a lie. I did used to write fan fictions, and imagines about them.

"What do you like to write about?" He asked.

"Um fantasy, and love," still not really a lie, but I needed to change the subject. But to what? Then it hit me... "Oh and guess what!"


"Nate and Shane made up! She's so excited about it!" I smiled.


*Harrys POV*

Natalie and Shane made up? Is this why she canceled on Niall? Is she dumping him because Shane came crawling back? This girl I swear! I have to tell Niall, but it'll break him. But if he finds out, and he finds out I knew he'll hate me. I have to tell him. I have to tell him now.

"I need to go," I said quickly dropping some cash on the bar for our drinks.

"What? Why? Did I do something wrong?" she asked. Crap she thinks it's her. I leaned forward, and gave her a quick but soft kiss.

"No," I whispered as I pulled away. "There's just something I need to do." Her eyes shinned up at me. I was tempted to kiss her again; to pull her close, but I needed to go. "I'll call you later." And with that I left.

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