How to fall in love

This is a One Direction fan fiction more towards Niall. Its about a girl that moves to England and thanks to her crazy One Direction fan sister meets One Direction. She quickly falls for Niall. But Niall isnt the only boy on her mind... What about her old best friend shane? Natalie has to chose between the boy shes secretly loved her whole life, or Niall Horan. She may never see Shane again. Which one will she pick?


3. Saved by Paul

The next morning I was woken up by an overly excited Candace jumping on my bed. "It's time to get up!" she sang. Literally she was singing some stupid song about waking up. I groaned pulling my pillow over my face.

"Go away," I groaned sleepily.

"Come on get up!!!" she yelled. I sighed loudly, and climbed out of bed.

"You happy?" I asked sarcastically.

"Very! Now go take your shower!" she ordered pushing me into the bathroom. Someone's happy about shopping... I took a quick shower, while singing of course. Then I started getting dressed. I chose a nice blue dress that brightened my blue eyes, and hugged my hips nicely. I put on a cute brown belt around the hips, and I just feel the need to add that my boobs look amazingly big in this dress; and I'm only a 36C.

I put on my knee high boots, and laced them up. Make-up wise I did nothing. I don't wear make-up. I like looking natural. Lastly I put on my favorite necklace. It was a birthday gift from Shane. It's a beautiful necklace, with a quite large stone in the middle, (I'm still not quite sure what the stone is... but it's bright and beautiful), and then small diamonds going around it.

He gave it to me in eighth grade, and I've worn it every day since. I sighed thinking about Shane. I quickly ran the brush through my hair, and pulled it back into a pomytail. I glared at my reflection, hating it, but dealing with it.

I ran down the stairs, and met an extremely happy Candace in the living room. "What are you wearing?" I asked.

"Oh you like? It's a One Direction shirt!" she pointed to all the boys, and told me their names. "This is Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, and this is Niall." they were all pretty cute, but I'm not into the whole boy band thing.

"Nice," I rolled my eyes. "You ready to go?"

"Yep!" she yelled pushing me out the door. We walked over to the Toyota, and climbed in. Candace plugged in her iPod, and started blasting some song. "It's What Makes You Beautiful, what do you think?" she asked.

"It's uh nice," I replied nicely. I wasn't lying it seemed like a good song.

"It's One Direction," she smirked.

"Of course it is." I sighed. "So where are we going shopping?"

"Well we're not..."

"What? Where we... Wait a minute! You're using me so you can stalk British superstars, aren't you??!"

"Not using... And one them is Irish!"

"So in other words... Yes you are."

"Well.... Yeah..."

"And what if I tell mom, and dad?"

"Then I'll tell Shane you're in love with him," she smirked.

"Wh-What?" I stammered. "Wh-what are you talking about?" All I could think was 'crap she knows!!!!'

"Are you kidding me? I'm shocked I'm the only one that's picked it up. I see the way you look at him when you think no ones looking. I see the brightness in your eyes whenever someone says his name. It couldn't be more obvious."

"I don't know what you're talking about," I lied. Of course I knew what see was talking about! I do look at him alot... I do smile whenever someone says his name... I just didn't think anyone would notice...

"Save it Nate. Save it." she sighed. I sat there for a few moments, in total shock.

"Fine," I sighed in defeat, "you win."

"Good 'cause we're here." she smirked pulling up to a house surrounded by screaming girls. "Are you coming?" she asked getting out of the car.

"I'm good here." I forced a smile.

"Suit yourself," Candace smiled walking towards the screaming girls, she started screaming as well. I rolled my eyes. How in heck are we related?

The crowd was getting pretty big. The car was surrounded in ten minutes. Girls were going crazy! Banging on my windows, while they screamed about One Direction. At first I ignored them, but things were getting out of hand! One of the crazy she devils broke my back windsheild! I screamed at the sound. Suddenly I see a very buff guy pushing his way through the crowd. He gets to my car, and motions for me to get out. Now, normally I wouldn't follow a guy I didn't know, to a random unknow place... But ANYTHING it better then these crazies!

I got out of the car, and the man pushed his way through the crowd, pulling me towards the house; to safety. Seeing this the crazy girls cried with anger, and started getting rougher. I was extreamly scared. All I could hear was a blur of screams, and hands reaching to attack me.

Finally I was pulled into the house, and the doors were shut tight. I turned to my resucer. "Thank you ah?"

"Paul Higgins. I'm in charge of One Directions security." the buff guy aka Paul explained.

"But I'm not One Direction..." I stated.

"I have to make sure fans are safe too." He explained.

"But I'm not a fan."

"Then why are you here??" Paul asked.

"One of those crazies out there is my sister. She dragged me along. I don't really know One Direction."

"Well, you're about to," just then five drop dead gorgeous guys walked into the room. One with a huge smile, which showed off a cute little dimple, wide blue eyes, and curly CURLY brown hair.

The next was tanner with dark side swept hair. He had dark eyes, and a bad-boy look to him... yet he still had a cute playful smile one his face.

The next had spiked brown hair, a wide smile, and soft caring brown eyes. He seemed like such a sweetheart.

Next was a guy with brown side swept hair, grayish blue eyes, which were covered by dorky glasses. He wore suspenders over a stripped red, and black shirt... Some how he pulled it off.

And last but definatly not least where was a blond cutie. His hair fell perfectly into his bright blue eyes. He smiled showing off his braces, which I will admit looked really cute. I couldn't stop staring at him.

"So, this is Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall." Paul said pointing to each boy as he entered the room. Niall huh? I think I figured out which one is Irish...

"Paul, if she's a fan she'll know who we are," Harry smirked putting his arm around me. Well, the internet was right about him being a flirt.

I pulled away from his grasp, "I'm not a fan." I quipped.

"Them what are you doing here?" the cute one called Niall asked.

"You see those crazies killing your front yard? Yeah, one of them is my older sister. She tricked me into coming with her." I explained.

"Is she hot?" Harry asked. I stared at him, giving him the 'are you serious?' look.

"Don't mind him," the one called Zayn said. "He's quite cheeky when it comes to girls."

"I've noticed." I rolled my eyes. "So um this is awkward, but can I go now or..."

"It's not safe," Paul explained. "Sorry ah... I never got your name."


"That's such a pretty name," Harry smirked. I gave him another, 'are you serious?' look.

But I said, "thanks Harry," anyway. I glanced at the ground feeling very awkward. Here I was stuck inside a house with five handsome boys from a band I hardly know. I looked back up, "sorry I must be boring you guys, since, I'm not jumping up and down, and sayinh I LOVE YOU AHHHH!!," I laughed.

"We get quite sick of that," Louis sighed.

"We love our fans, but sometimes it's nice to be around people that don't know who we are, yea know?" Niall asked smiling. I could stair at that smile for ages.

"No, I don't. I'm kind of a nobody. I've never had anyone scream my name, and say they love me," I laughed.

Then all of a sudden all five boys broke out like it was planned... "OMG NATALIE I LOVE YOU!!!" "OH MY GOD IT'S NATALIE!!!!" "NATALIE MARRY ME!!!!" "I LOVE YOU NATALIE!!!" "OH MY GOD ITS NATALIE I'M GOING TO FAINT!!!!"

I couldn't stop laughing. I was dying from laughter, "ok guys stop it," I breathed still laughing.

"Hey... You're American!" Liam noticed.

"Yeah, my family just moved here from Oregon," I smiled. Then I looked down feeling sad.

"You left someone you love didn't you?" Louis asked.

"Yeah. Yeah I did. But he hates me now so..." I started crying. I can't believe I'm crying in front of them! They all rushed foward, and started comforting me.

"Tell us about him," Liam smiled.

"I'll get some snacks!!" Niall yelled running into what I believe is the kitchen.

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