How to fall in love

This is a One Direction fan fiction more towards Niall. Its about a girl that moves to England and thanks to her crazy One Direction fan sister meets One Direction. She quickly falls for Niall. But Niall isnt the only boy on her mind... What about her old best friend shane? Natalie has to chose between the boy shes secretly loved her whole life, or Niall Horan. She may never see Shane again. Which one will she pick?


4. Need to move on

All the guys rolled their eyes as Niall walked in with four bags of chips. "Oh sorry did you guys want something?" Niall asked.

"Are those all for you???" I sniffled.

"Well, yes, but I'll share with you," Niall smiled sitting fairly close to me.

"Ooohhhh Niall never shares!!!" Louis laughed winking at Niall. Niall blushed a deep red. I couldn't be more confused. So what, he's sharing his chips with me... is that so weird?

"So, are you going to tell us?" Harry asked sitting on my other side.

"Well, uh," I muttered. "I... I don't know... It's a pretty boring story."

"Loves never boring," Harry smiled. I rolled my eyes, his flirting was getting kind of annoying.

"Well, uh it all started in kindergarten. He was the first person I saw when I walked through the door, and well I fell for him instantly. He was laughing as his blocks fell over. I knew it was meant to be." I smiled looking down.

"What happened next?" Louis asked rather intersted.

"Well, to be honest I've never been shy with guys I like, so, I made sure to make him my best friend thinking that we'd get close enough that he'd fall in love with me. Ha! As if. No ones ever fallen for me. I don't know what I was thinking."  I sighed.

Niall put his hand on mine reassuringly. I smiled, and continued the story. "Well it's been thirteen years, and nothing."

"So why does he hate you?" Zayn asked.

I was doing my best to hide my tears; it wasn't working. A single tear slide down my face as i said, "at my going away party I avoided him. I... I couldn't say goodbye to him! I just couldn't. I knew if I did I'd tell him how I feel, and ruin thirteen years of friendship. So, I didn't say goodbye. He texted me last night wanting to know why I didn't say goodbye, and I told him I couldn't tell him. Now he's really pissed at me, and I think he hates me." there was no stopping the tears now.

Harry put his hand on my knee, as Niall pulled me into a hug. "It's okay love," Niall whispered soothingly, "it's okay."

I tried to pull myself together. "I... I'm sorry guys. I just met you, and now I've sprung my life story on you guys."

"It's okay babe. We would love to help." Liam smiled. Just then my phone started ringing. The screen showed a picture of me, and Candace at the State Fair. I quickly answered putting it on speaker.

"Hello?" I asked.

"WHERE ARE YOU?!? AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CAR?!?!?" she screamed. The boys looked up at me like they were thinking 'what the heck?'.

"I'm with the boys," I calmly explained,

"What... What boys?" she asked. Harry smiled at me then said,

"Hey babe come back to bed!" I hit him hard on the arm.

"Harry shut up!" I yelled while laughing.

"Ha-Ha-Harry..." Candace stuttered.

"Yeah love," Harry smiled. Candace started screaming; very loud.

"I told you she's crazy." I laughed.

After I hung up, the boys went, and got Paul. They came back moments later. "So, I have to go back out there?!" Paul frowned pointing at the mass crowd of crazy girls.

"Well, my sister is out there..." I mentioned.

"Yeah, but she's perfectly fine out there right?" Paul tried.

"Paul just go get her," Liam sighed.

"But, but, but, ugh fine." Paul sighed. "I need a pic of her though."

"Here." I handed him my phone which had the pic of me and Candace on it.

"You guys seriously owe me," Paul grumbled as he stormed out the door. The boys turned back to me.

"Soooo are you going to tell him?" Louis asked.

"I'm never going to see him again anyways..." I tried.

"But you're in love with him, aren't you?" Zayn asked.

"I don't know... Maybe..." I sighed sitting back down. Niall looked at me kind of sad like. I smiled at him, or least tried to... It wasn't very convincing. Niall looked into my eyes, and smiled a small smile. "I think I need to move on..." I smiled at him again.

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