How to fall in love

This is a One Direction fan fiction more towards Niall. Its about a girl that moves to England and thanks to her crazy One Direction fan sister meets One Direction. She quickly falls for Niall. But Niall isnt the only boy on her mind... What about her old best friend shane? Natalie has to chose between the boy shes secretly loved her whole life, or Niall Horan. She may never see Shane again. Which one will she pick?


1. The move

"Natalie are you ready to go?" my older sister Candace screamed from downstairs. I looked around my old room one last time. Not ready to leave. I had that stupid feeling that I was forgetting something. I did a quick run through my room. Nothing. I guess it's just the sadness of leaving this place behind.

"Natalie! Come on we'll miss the flight!" my mother yelled from downstairs.

"Coming," I yelled. I sighed looking at my old room one last time. "Bye" I mouthed. I wasn't really saying goodbye to the room, but all the memories that happened in it. I grew up in this room. I pulled the door shut behind me, and ran down the stairs, my long brunet hair crashing against my tanned shoulders. I glanced at the sky. The hot summer sun beamed down on me.

The rest of my family was in the car; waiting for me. "What are you waiting for? Get it." my dad exclaimed. Sighing I slid into the backseat of our Blazer nest to Candace. She pulled out the latest teen magazine, and started reading it.

"Remind me again why we're packing up, and moving to a country we've never been to before?" I sighed as my dad pulled out of our driveway for the last time.

"Natalie, I know you don't want to move, but this job is my dream." my mom explained.

"And why does your dream overpower my happiness?" we had been through this fight countless times, but I wasn't about to drop it.

"It doesn't. You'll make new friends in England." my mom sighed clearly sick of fighting me on this.

"But what about my friends here? What about Blair?!" I exclaimed. Blair's my best friend. We've been friends since kindergarten. And now we just finished our senior year.

"She's going to come vist remember?' my dad asked trying to help my mom out.

"Whatever," I sulked looking out the window.

We arrived at the airport an hour later. And lets just say that was one silent car ride. Well besides the fact that every once, and a while Candace would belt out some song she was listening to. It was the same song over, and over again. Something about a girl not knowing she was beautiful? I don't know. I was too annoyed to pay close attention.

"Flight 46 to Doncaster is ready for boarding." the lady said over the speakers. We were just getting through airport security.

"I can't believe we're going to live in Doncaster!" Candace squeled.

"Why?" I asked flicking my bangs out of my eyes.

"That's where Louis lives!!!!" she about screamed.

"Who?" I asked. She stared at me obviously shocked. She brushed her long blond hair back.

"Louis Tomlinson! He's one fifth of One Direction!!!" she exclaimed.

"Well okay then," I rolled my blue eyes back into my head, "you know you'll never meet him right?"

"Sure I will. I know where he lives," she smirked.

"Candace you're twenty-one! Don't stalk the poor boy! Seriously grow up." I yawned.

"It's not stalking! It's called being a fan, and supporting him!" she exclaimed. "and besides he's twenty-one too! See?" she shoved a magazine in my face.

"It also says he has a girlfriend." I commented.

"Not for long." she flashed her perfectly white teeth at me, and skipped away. Whoever Louis is I feel bad for him.

We boarded the plane, and made our way to our seats. 34B found it. I sat down, and to my dismay Candace sat next to me. This is going to be a long flight.

It felt like forever before the plane landed. I couldn't wait to get off, and get away from Candace, and her Louis talk. But off course just getting off the plane wasn't going to stop her. "And I hear all the lads are at Louis' flat with him while they're on break!" she rambled on. But by this time I had tuned her out.

"Hey Candace can you do me a favor?" I asked.

"Whatttttttttt??????" she was obviously annoyed I had unterrupted her rampage.

"Shut up." I glared. Candace huffed, amd went off in search of mom, and dad. I wondered the airport bored out of my freaking mind. I noticed they had a Starbucks. Maybe England isn't that bad after all. I walked up to a pretty blond girl behind the counter. "Hi!" she greeted me in a preppy tone. Something told me Candace would like her.

"Ah hi... I'll have a venti iced caramel mocha." I explained.

"That'll be $4.35," she exclaimed. I paid her the money, and walked outside with my coffee. Once out there I noticed Candace getting in a fight with my parents next to our rented car.

"What do you mean I can't rent a car?!" she yelled.

"Sorry sweetie you have to be twenty-five." mom explained.

"Then how am I supposed to get around and and and"

"And stalk British superstars," I laughed.

Candace gave me the evil eye. "One of them is Irish!"

"Well sorry! We can't all be obsessed freaks!" I laughed again.

"Natalie be nice to your sister, and Candace I'm not sure I'm okay with you stalking a bunch of boys." dad proclaimed.

"IT'S NOT STALKING!" Candace yelled.

"Then what is it?" I questioned.

"Being a supportive fan!" She yelled.

"What-ever," I said saying them as two words.

"You're just jelous!" she exclaimed.

"Of what?!"

"That they will never like you." she smirked. Oh wow that stung I thought sarcastically.

"Wow great comeback." I rolled my eyes.

"Okay girls that's enough. Pile in." dad sighed. Candace huffed, and climbed into the blue Toyota.

"Will I at least get to drive this?" she sighed.

"Maybe depends on how you treat your sister, and what you'll want it for," mom explained.

We pulled up to the new house a half hour later. It was two stories. Had a giant wrap around deck, a porch swing, and it had a huge yard. I glanced up at the house while Candace ran in screaming, "I CALL THE BIGGEST ROOM!!!"

I rolled my eyes, and slowly made my way up to the house. Once inside i was taken back by how big it was. I made my way up to the rooms. I found one I liked. It was huge. Like twice the size of my old room. It had a walk in closet, a private bathroom, (MY OWN BATHROOM!!!) and a balcony overlooking the front yard. I put my bag down, and walked out onto the balcony.

I knew I'd spend lots of nights out here stairing at te stars. It'll be a great place to think, and write. the sun was already setting on the horizon. My mom had preodered new funiture, and she said it should be here in the morning. I walked back inside, and grabbed my sleeping bag from my bag. I pulled it out onto the balcony so I could sleep under the stairs. I pulled my phone out of my pocket. It's only five o'clock in America. I decied to text Blair.





"Hey how's England??



"The house is nice... But my sister is keen on stalking some stupid band



"What band?



"Um One Dimension... I think it was something like that.



"You mean One DIRECTION



"Yeah... Right sorry. You know about them?



"Who doesn't? They're the biggest boy band in the world!



"Oh well I'mma catch some Zzz's been a long day!



"K love ya night!!!



"Love ya too night.



I put my phone down. I need to shower, but I can take one in the morning. I slowly closed my eyes letting darkness pass over me.

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