11. The player is back in the game

I heard the dial tone as my response. The boys had gone into the other room because elinor and Daniele were over. Harry remembered why he didn't have a girlfriend, because no letter what he always ended up hurting someone... Or himself. Or in this case both. Tears leaked out of the corners of his eyes.
Ouch, goodbye I guess.
I got up and locked the door to my room. I put my iPod headphones on full blast and just started zoning. I didn't want to think or hear or see or speak unless I was thinking about her seeing her hearing her voice or talking to her. I closed my eyes and within minutes I was dreaming of alisa laughing as I gave her a piggy back ride up to this very hotel room where I opened the door and there was a mess, but she was too polite to say anything. The night of our first kiss... I could feel myself smile. The taste of her strawberry lip gloss still lingering. Harry didn't. Are what anyone else thought of alisa. Some people would call her trashy because of the clothes she wears and the amount of guys she's been with. And how she must have done awfull things to get them to like her. But no one knew what she was really like. And so help the person who said anything bad about her in front of him. " I don't mind getting a black eye for my girl as long as she's there to kiss it after." but she wasn't...
ALISA'S P.O.Vmy breathing was so uneven I'm sure it was unhealthy. I stared up at the hotel like a child being told there was a monster under their bed. I don't know why I was here but I knew that it was right to come. In my experience the hurt always go back to the person who hurt 'em. The elevator ride was eternal! It was torture. When the doors opened, zayn Louis Niall Liam and two one direction girlfriends stood there. They all were extremely over joyed to see me. It made the pain a little less bearable. Just a bit. And from what it sounded like, Harry was a wreck.
And it wasn't until I saw him lying there with his headphones in, tears streaming down his face that I believed it. I set my stuff by the door and walked over to him, he looked so innocent, and so so so sad. I ran my hand through his hair and was totally unprepAred for he puch ingot in the stomach.
Oof! All the air rushed out of me and I doubled over. Maybe it wasn't such a great idea coming back after all.
Oh my god! Alisa! Oh glorious Harry just glorious!
He picked me up and set me on the bed and ran out of the room. He camera back with ice and lifted up my shirt to put it on my sore spot. Neither of us talked. Or mad e eye contact.
Hazza, I'm so sory I ran out like that. I said and then decided to add, and then scared you coming back. It wasn't right of me, I should have talked to you first instead of seeing you as the bad person you're not and the one that I am.
Stop it! Don't say those things, I deserve it. I'm such an idiot for not telling you about Megan. She's just a girl I had a thing with and it turned out she wasn't my type, but she can't accept it and feels the need to try and convince me to give her another chance. But that will never happen! Because I'm a jerk that hurts everyone around him. You're the sweetest most genuine amazing girl I've ever met. And I love you, but I don't want to be with you if it means hurting you...
Harry. I love you too silly boy. And I forgive you, you didn't do anything wrong at all. Now come here, I missed you so much, I thought I would never see you and I almost cried but can't do that.
Why not, he asked.
Because... Last time I was in LA I cried enough for a lifetime. I cried because the guy I loved broke my heart. I've never ever been the same, and every time I get close to someone I hurt them to make them go away... I forgot what all that felt like. Im sorry Harry, I'm broken.
Alisa. I love you. And no matter how much you hurt me I will not let you push me away. Ever.
We say there for a long time just sitting there not saying a word.
Eventually we took the ice off my stomach.
Oh babe, it's going to bruise. Harry had tears in his eyes and I knew he wasn't going to forgive himself easily.
Well I love it anyway because you gave it to me. I started laughing once I realized how lame that sounded.
It's not funny. Harry looked down at me sadly.
Well I said maybe a kiss might make it feel better?
He slowly bent down and missed my stomach until he got to the corner of my mouth. He stopped and looked at me with his green eyes. I don't wanna hurt you he said.
But I reached up and pulled him in for a kiss.
So what are your parents going to think about all this? He asked with a ghost of a smile.
I cringed, oh they won't be pleased. Really? He said. He smiled and picked me up so we were at eye level with each other. And then I got lost in his eyes.
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